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    Does a name’s legitimacy matter?

    I’ve been interested in names for a while, being a writer/Sims player, but one pattern I’ve noticed among the name nerd community is that traditional names with a long history are preferred, whereas more recently created names are shunned and dismissed as trashy. I’m interested in video games, fantasy novels etc. and would like to name my future kids something in that style, so I’m looking for something non-traditional, or at least uncommon.

    Would this inconvenience my future kids at all, e.g. when trying to get a job? I’m not going to call them anything too outlandish, but having a very boring, safe, traditional name myself makes me want to use something more unusual.

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    The short answer is- yes, to a certain extent people tend to associate made up sounding names with low class people and will make judgments accordingly. Personally I think people also make this assumention about names with a long history that are unrecognizable and sound made up. While this might not have a huge effect on someone's day to day life judgments like that from employers and schools might make life a little harder than it needs to be.

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    Well, it depends.
    Modern, made-up names do feel trashy to many, including me (of course this is just my personal opinion)
    However, that doesn't mean you can't name your child(ren) something uncommon or even not that traditional. There are so many unique names with rich history, or crazy variations of more traditional names. Just because you wouldn't be using a modern, made-up name doesn't mean you'd have to go for John, Elizabeth, Mary, George or anything like that
    Some examples of unique names with history are Aurelius, Octavian, Saskia, Lysander, Timoleon, Attila, Cassiane, Desideria, Nephele etc. In addition, some unique variations of well known names are: Arnaud, Georges, Melusine, Mette, Annika, Ekaterina, Arrosa, Heino, Elspeth, Mikhail, Eleni, Graziella, Arete etc etc
    When it comes to the "will they be able to get a job?" question, well, I do think that an employer would be more likely to hire a Mariah than they'd be to hire a Marosellonia (just a dumb example, but you get it)
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    I agree mith previous posters, it's not about if a name is made up and more if it sounds made up.

    If the legitimacy of a name matters to you, but you also want a Fantasy-feel, there are lots of old, medieval names out there for you (my first thought was Melisandre). Or ancient greek (Despina, Macaria, Hyperion) etc etc.

    If you're worried your kids will have trouble finding a job with an out-there name, well, that's a whole other problem. I understand if you'd rather play it save, but I personally feel like that's no way to face discrimination. And the good news is: uncommon names are becoming more and more common. So I guess my advice is to use what you love and hope there will be less name prejudice in 20+ years.
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    You can always give your kid the first name you love and a middle name that's safe. If Nimeria Grace Smith finds Nimeria too cumbersome, she could put N. Grace Smith on resumes.
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