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    Which Kardashian/Jenner Girl has the most wearable name to you?

    So after I saw that Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True I started wondering whether names like North, Dream, Chicago, Stormi, and True are names only celebrities can pull off. Do you know anyone with these names and in order which do you think is most usuable in normal everyday life (for people that arent famous)?

    I think Stormi is the safest out of the bunch. I was shocked to see how many people have that name after Kylie announced it.
    Then True, it seems like to much of a word for me to love it. Plus every time I say it I keeping thinking drew...
    followed by North, Dream and Chicago..neither Chicago or Dream really seem like they pass that line from word to name Chicago really doesnt.

    I am a big word name fan my daughter has a word name that I love, but I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    What do you think about each name and how wearable they are?
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    They definitely love word names!
    I actually like True the most. Stormi is a bit too cutesy but then also has negative connotations.
    I would rank the names (not the children haha) True, Dream (bit strange but nice imagery), Stormi, Chicago, North(not a name ).
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    None of them are wearable in my opinion, with North and Chicago coming in dead last - North is unappealing as a word, let alone a name for either sex (along with Saint and Sir) and Chicago is just bizarre.

    Stormi is too closely linked to the ubiquitous Stormy Daniels these days so I would never saddle my daughter with that moniker.

    I do know someone that named their daughter True about 25 years ago. Thought is was weird then, and still think so. But I am not a fan of "virtue" names.

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    I've known a number of girls named Stormy/Stormi and so I agree that one seems the most wearable.

    True I've seen more often as a nn (Tru/True) but that definitely makes it less eyebrow raising.

    North, while being a bit of an unconventional word name, contains sound parts that are among many popular, familiar, and classic names. To me North and True are both tied for wearability under Stormi.

    Chicago is definitely the hardest to pull off. Place names aren't that uncommon but Chicago has a particular combination of sounds happening that don't make it the most appealing. Is it terrible? No. But I wouldn't use it and I think it's a scarcely used place name for a reason.

    And I feel like Dream, Saint, and Sir are all as wearable or less wearable than Chicago, though I could see some people advocating for Dream.
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    I completely forgot about Dream..I lump Dream and Chicago into the same category they aren’t jumping out as names to me so I think they are probably the least usable..
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