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  • Thea Autumn Rose

    44 88.00%
  • Theadora Autumn Rose

    3 6.00%
  • Xanthea Autumn Rose

    3 6.00%
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    Thea as a name in its own right?

    Hello Berries!
    I’m 33 weeks with a little sister for Max Cohen and Joshua Harrison.
    We’ve more or less decided her name will be Thea Autumn Rose - what are your thoughts on this please???

    The one thing that’s niggling me is whether Thea has enough about it to be used as a name in its own right or does it need to be a nn for a longer name?

    Thea Autumn Rose
    Theadora Autumn Rose
    Xanthea Autumn Rose???

    I’m not keen on Dorothea, Anthea, Althea or Cynthia.

    Thank you!!

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    I think Thea is fine on its own, however with the middles you want Theadora sounds the best. Xx
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    I think Thea is perfect on its own, and is actually in my top 10! I do like Theadora too but definitely prefer Thea on its own.
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    If your son Max can just be Max, Thea can just be Thea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmdharrington View Post
    If your son Max can just be Max, Thea can just be Thea.
    Funny you should mention that kmdharrington. We actually regretted not being brave enough to name MaxMaximus’! I love short names that are straight to the point so always knew he’d be Max to is but I wish we’d put Maximus as his full name.

    The logic failed us second time around because we were going to call JoshuaJosh’ to keep with the short, one syllable, simple name theme but decided to use Joshua because of how we felt about Maximus. Funnily enough I call him Joshua 90% of the time!!

    With Thea, I love Thea on its own and that’s what I would call her. We’ve only looked at the longer versions because we just don’t want the same name regret that we had with Max / Maximus. It was never a really big deal but if we could make the decision again he’d definitely be Maximus. I just don’t know whether I feel that way about Theadora or Xanthea though. It’s so difficult!!!!

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