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    Jasper or Sawyer?

    I like Jasper due to adorable nicknames, and the hubs seems to prefer it. My family really all dislikes it though - which does bother me some. Sawyer seems to be more popular. I want something unique but not per say uncommon so that people can't spell or pronounce it. We are considering middle names that start with E or Douglas (family name). This could make Sawyer 's monogram SHE though. Can you tell I'm over thinking it?! I think Sawyer sounds much better with our last name though. It's Holstine (pronounced whole, then stien like Frankenstein). Help please!💜

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    Personally, I prefer Sawyer.
    I'd hold off from telling your family too much about the name. They may be judgemental now, but once your bub is here they'll get attatched to him and won't be a problem.

    Sawyer isn't too common, I've never met one and I don't think people would struggle with pronounciation.
    Don't worry about the SHE. I do agree, Sawyer sounds better with your LN but Jasper doesn't not work.

    best of luck finding a name!
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    My vote goes to Jasper. Both names are nice but Jasper is more uncommon and so handsome.

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    This is your baby, so you should go with the name you and husband like best. Everyone else will get attached to the baby regardless of what they think of the name. It will grow on them. My vote goes to Jasper.

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    I much prefer Jasper, and it's your baby, you should name him what you and your husband prefer.

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