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    Is Evaan a girl's name in America??

    I am planning to name my baby boy Evaan. Is it considered a girl's name in America??

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    Is this supposed to be Evan? Because I’d pronounce Evan and Evaan differently. If it’s Evan, then definitely not, I can’t even imagine Evan on a girl. If it’s supposed to be Evaan then I’d say it ev-ANN and I find that pronunciation feminine.
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    To me Evaan looks Maybe Indian Or Something to me and I could see about 12 different pronunciations and I would honestly be a little unsure of the gender.

    Evan, on the other hand, is a regular American guy name, although it's been used, albeit rarely, for girls. I'd be less surprised to me a female Evan than a female Walter, but it'd still be very unusual.
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    Evan is a boy name in America

    I have never heard of Evaan however, and unsure of how to pronounce it

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    No it's not, Evan is a boy name here and Evaan is hardly used and therefore is not thought of as a girl or boy's name
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