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    Cutesy Vintage Nicknames

    I’m looking for full girls names with cutesy vintage nicknames!

    For example: Dottie, Minnie, Dolly, Bea, Winnie, etc.

    Bonus points for listing the ones you’d use as given first names.

    Give me anything you can think of!
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    first names:

    Lucy, Edie, Tess, Birdie, Billie, Tilly, Hattie, Nell, Etta, Libby, Penny

    non-first names:

    Bizzy, Goldie, Nellie,

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    ➳Roscoe Grey➳Sterling Eugene➳Quentin Maxwell➳Jensen Milo➳

    ➳Huxley Wyatt➳Baxter Wesley➳Fielder Andrew➳Clayton Samuel➳

    ➳Selah Marie➳Etta Hazel➳Meredith Bella➳Aspen Colette➳

    ➳Bristol Genevieve➳Chandler Abigail➳Holland Sophie➳Dakota Elise➳

    ➳Miranda Pearl➳Cambria Evelyn➳Lorelai Cadence➳Shelby Lavender➳

    ➳Perry Charlotte➳Kendall Fern➳Bridget Ruby➳Esme Juniper➳

    ➳Bexley Ruth➳Gemma Danielle➳Lacey Georgia➳Evangeline Stella➳

    ➳Oakley Kate➳Ainsley Brielle➳Hallie Monroe➳Colette Paige➳

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    {my favorites}
    Opal Alexandria Rose ~ Daisy Victoria Bronte
    Anna-Rose Adelaide | Theodora Lark
    Auden Fitzgerald | Arthur Caius | Calvin Jay

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    Lucinda nn Lindy (I’d use Lindy as a full name)
    Therese or Theresa nn tess, tessie (I’d use Therese but I would either call her Reese or just Therese)
    Florence nn florie
    Jacqueline nn jacie, janni (I’d use this)
    Elisabeth nn libby, elsie, lissie (I’d use this)
    Leona nn Lee-lee , lennie, lonnie (I’d use this)
    Naomi nn mimi or nomi (I’d consider this)
    Evelyn nn evie (short vowel sound), Lynnie (I’d use this)
    Iris nn Irie
    Claire nn clari / Clare nn clarie
    Clarice / Clarisse nn clari (I’d use it)
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    Seth ♦️ Rhys ♦️ Clay ♦️ Thea ♦️ Skye ♦️ Ezri ♦️ Peri ♦️ Lyle ♦️ Reid ♦️ Kian
    Asa ▫️ Kai ▫️ Leigh
    Declan 🔹 Malachi 🔹 Theo 🔹 Kennett 🔹 Lennox 🔹 Bishop 🔹 Micah 🔹 Elias

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