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    Cutesy Vintage Nicknames

    I’m looking for full girls names with cutesy vintage nicknames!

    For example: Dottie, Minnie, Dolly, Bea, Winnie, etc.

    Bonus points for listing the ones you’d use as given first names.

    Give me anything you can think of!
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    first names:

    Lucy, Edie, Tess, Birdie, Billie, Tilly, Hattie, Nell, Etta, Libby, Penny

    non-first names:

    Bizzy, Goldie, Nellie,

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    ֎ Grady Elijah ֎ Shepherd Liam ֎ Boyd Ezekiel ֎ Caspian Roy ֎
    ֎ Monty Archer ֎ Ira Samson ֎ Dexter Owen ֎ Wells John ֎
    ֎ Tanner Silas ֎ Baylor Gideon ֎ Watson Ezra ֎ Briggs Milo ֎
    ֎ Jonas Harold ֎ Truett Finley ֎

    ߡ Zuri Eleanor ߡ Brighton Louisa ߡ Layne Matilda ߡ Chesney Helena ߡ
    ߡ Clementine Eve ߡ Penny Georgia ߡ Giselle Ruby ߡ Felicity Imogen ߡ
    ߡ Bexley Evangeline ߡ Aspen Lucille ߡ Nyla Sophie ߡ Sterling Estelle ߡ
    ߡ Neve Arabella ߡ Daphne Freya ߡ Greta Violet ߡ Mavis Paige ߡ

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    Theodora Grace • Opal Seraphine • Daisy Bronte
    gift of God, virtue • gem, burning with His glory • pearl, thunder
    Valentina Lark • Penelope Lilac • Juniper Etta • Evie Primrose • Vivienne Moon

    Augustus Quinn • Jem Ezekiel • Arthur Caius
    magnificent, intelligent • supplanter, God strengthens • bear, rejoice
    Auden Fitzgerald • Louis Barnaby • Elijah Fox • Blaise Albert

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    Lucinda nn Lindy (I’d use Lindy as a full name)
    Therese or Theresa nn tess, tessie (I’d use Therese but I would either call her Reese or just Therese)
    Florence nn florie
    Jacqueline nn jacie, janni (I’d use this)
    Elisabeth nn libby, elsie, lissie (I’d use this)
    Leona nn Lee-lee , lennie, lonnie (I’d use this)
    Naomi nn mimi or nomi (I’d consider this)
    Evelyn nn evie (short vowel sound), Lynnie (I’d use this)
    Iris nn Irie
    Claire nn clari / Clare nn clarie
    Clarice / Clarisse nn clari (I’d use it)
    Imogen Lilac
    Cambria Maeve
    Eve Galadriel
    Writer ~*~ Artist ~*~ Name Enthusiast

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