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    Would you rather....

    From a discussion with my husband this morning...

    Would you rather be named a super popular name for your generation or an old lady/old man name that hasn't made it back to cool yet (just makes you look like you're 30/40/50 years older than you are)?

    And, as a second question, do you think the answer might differ for boys and girls?
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    It would depend on the name! There are some super popular names that are perennially classic and wouldn't date, but I'm guessing that's not what you meant. Hmmm. I'd have to go with the old name, because I love old names and think it's pretty cool whenever I meet a child that changes my perception of a "dated" name!

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    Hmm depends on the name? My own name is on the top 10 for generations and counted as an old lady name at the same but, plot twist it's actually a boy's name

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    I agree that it depends on what it is. I agree on trendy vs classic, but also the sound of the name itself can date it. I'd rather be a Marie than a Mildred.

    On the thought of sound, I think it depends on if it fits into current name trends. Bertha was #8 in 1885, and Ida was #9. I'd rather be an Ida than a Bertha, because Ida sounds similar to names that are popular right now.

    It's different for boys vs girls because boys' names don't go in and out of style the way girls' names do. On the other hand, boys' names that do go out of style are usually names that would be much harder to live with (in my opinion) than girls' names, because they sound way more dated and have more era-specific sounds, like Ronald or Gary.
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    I agree: it does depend on the name. It's purely down to personal preference for me.

    My name, Amelia, was #21 in England and Wales the year I was born and I don't mind it at all. I suppose you mean something a bit more popular than that? #1 that year was Emily, which I dislike due to personal association and thus would hate to be named. In fact, I dislike all the top 10 names for my birth year bar one (Lucy - #7). I really love old-fashioned names, though, and wouldn't mind having one.

    A name I go by online often is James, which is what I'd want to be named if I were a guy (#4 in my birth year). I also love Jack (#1) and Thomas (#3). In that case, I think I'd prefer a popular name, just because my favourites and preferred names for myself were all - and still are - popular.

    However, I'm more likely to meet a Jack my age (with 9037 births) than an Emily (5423), so that could be something to take into account in terms of name popularity based on gender.
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