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    Do you ever get name disappointment for others?

    I'm wondering if other Berries are ever slightly disappointed by the name announcements from friends and family or their wider social circle?

    For example some friends recently had a darling little girl, they talked for ages about how her name was super unique - it was Cora. Which is a name that is lovely, but not what I was expecting for their 'really unique' name. Or another friend who has a little boy named Andrew Matthew - and I wonder about flow.

    Similarly an old school friend who had a little boy, and she had always (at school and during the pregnancy) talked quite seriously about using Bartholomew, Thaddeus or Hezekiah. And her gorgeous little boy is Jacob.

    Or when you see an announcement for a little Lily, or Ava, or Noah, and sort of think 'it's a lovely name, but there are so many others!'.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these names at all! I generally like all of these names, and even if I didn't it wouldn't matter because it's not my child. And I certainly haven't told any of the parents that I feel their names are at best 'eh, nice' rather than 'stunning'. These names are all great, I just can't help but feel a little disappointed because there are so many incredible names out there and I feel like I'm hearing the same 7 on repeat.

    I'm also aware that many of the names in my signature are probably part of that list, which is partly due to compromise with the (IMO picky with very boring name taste) SO, so I can understand why I meet children where the names may have involved compromise, or they could have family importance.
    But I just feel that pang sometimes when a name is announced. Is it just me? I'm hoping it doesn't make me a bad person.
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    I get this when there's like two main names on the list, one that I LOVE and suits the child perfectly and the other that's boring and just eh and the parents choose the eh one. One of the kids I know had Kit Avery as one of his possible names and J0hn M@rkus as the other one and the parents chose John and I literally wanted to scream, especially as he gets older he looks more and more like a Kit and John is the exact opposite of his fun personality. We do call him Jack but I just feel like it's such as waste when his perfect name was one on the list.

    I think as name nerds, especially when it's a friend, we take "bad" or not right names a little harder because we understand the importance and love names, it definitely doesn't make you a bad person.
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    Yes, yes, I know this exact feeling. Of course you love the new little baby and in time the name grows to completely fit the child and you don’t even think about it any more, but I have definitely experienced this “name disappoint” when friends or family have announced their babys names.
    Somewhat similar to your Thaddeus/Hezekiah ended up being Jacob story, a close friend talked about naming her son Paxton, which I think is quite awesome, but ended up giving him a much more generic name like Aiden.
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    There are also those situations where the parents' combo for one gender is much better than their option for the other. A friend of a friend was expecting and had picked something super tryndee and, well, yikes-inducing for a girl, while her boy choice was the much more pleasant Cy. It was such a secondhand relief when she had a boy!
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    Yes! I was disappointed to hear my cousin named her son Jaden. I work at a school and hear Jayden/Aiden/Kayden all day long. He's just another Jaden with a last initial.

    Oh also my brother in law just had twins...I haven't met them yet but I heard their names are Fernando and Fernanda. I want to scream in my head.
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