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    If you had triplet girls..

    If you had triplet girls what would you name them? This post is in relation to a previous post of mine however I’m just asking for any ideas by finding out what YOU would call three little girls. Please post as many as you like!!
    Top Favourite Combos
    Savannah Beatrix
    Felicity Ruth
    Amelia Lennox

    Judah Grey
    Hayes Matthew
    Wesley Nathaniel

    Savannah, Olivia, Esther, Amelia, Blake, Elodie, Isla, Naomi, Ruth, Felicity, Lilia, Hannah

    Elijah, Caleb, Matthew, Noah, Clayton, Jacob, Josiah, Mason, Hayes, Judah, Carter

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    In reality, I'd probably go for short, spunky names that are unusual and get familiar - Juno, Zella and Liv, maybe.

    Or I'd possibly go with unusual Scottish names, like Jura, Morven and Alba.

    But I'd also be tempted to go with much longer, more extravagant names, like Andromeda, Ferelith and Endellion.

    Freyja Marigold | Viva Idony Lore | Morven Gwyneira
    Zennor | Andromeda | Thisbe | Liv | Percy | Rosalba
    Lumen | Xanthe | Sunniva | Mabel | Zelda | Molly

    Rose | Archer | Ezri | Asa | Thistle | Robin | Lux | Cas

    Nash Leander | Sulien Prosper James | Jem Jupiter
    Mars | Ramsay | Archer | Drake | Cyprus | Maximus
    Thorin | Bastian | Iskandar | Koa | Valor | Isidore

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    My girls are a bit of a mess, but most likely:
    Pandora Beatrix Fae, Artemis Clio Elizabeth, & Evanthe Rosalind Lyra
    Pandora, Artemis, & Evanthe

    Other possibilities:
    Zelda, Sybil, & Viola
    Zelda, Sybil, & Lilac
    Ziva, Adira, & Nyssa
    Cairo, Nyssa, & Sahar
    Adira, Nyssa, & Sahar
    Marigold, Guinevere, & Amadea
    Jam|Fangirl|Historian|Biochemist|Single Pringle|20|Future mummy
    Dreaming of...
    Pandora Beatrix FaeCaspian Sherlock Walter • Artemis Valkyrie ClioPtolemy Lysander George
    Horatio Phoenix Arthur • Nikolai Emrys Altair • ProsperEphraimIndigoAugustCedrickAmbrose
    Evanthe Sylvia Cherry • Zenobia Hermione Blue • MarigoldLavenderGuinevereOlympiaCalista
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end.”

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    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter|
    Tristan Wilder|Everett Orion|Ezra Apollo|Otto Elias

    Names inspired by my bookshelf: first year reads
    Jack Endymion|Pamela Juliet|Astrid Lowenna|Crusoe Bennett|Susan Arabella
    Ezinma Ileara|Miles Colton|Hasina Amal|Miranda Evelyn|Thornton Louis|Ellena Jasmine

    More names!

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    Can't say I've ever imagined, or ever will have triplet girls but I'd have to go with my current top 3 girls names...

    Gwen, Faye & Clara
    Adele, Gwenyth, Clara

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