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    Sister for Theodore?

    Baby girl is due end of April and having trouble settling on a name. My son is Theodore, but mostly goes by Teddy or Theo.

    We prefer names that are less common. We are currently leaning towards Emmy (or Emme) with Winter as a middle name.

    Other first names we like are Emerson, Gwen, Everly, Mila but I don't know if they really go with Theodore.

    Would prefer to use a name that isn't already in the family so that excludes Charlotte, Isla, Quinn, Amelia, Bronte.

    Any thoughts on our choices so far or any other name ideas?

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    Theodore and Emmy feels a bit off, stylistically--how about Emmeline with Emmy as a nickname?

    Names that 'go with' Theodore to me: Eleanor, Esther, Hazel, Rose

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    Agree that Emmeline with Emmy as a nn fits better with Theodore. Others you can get Emmy from are Emanuelle, Emerald/Emeraldina, Emmalou, Esmaralda

    Other suggestions:
    Theodore and Margot
    Theodore and Abigail
    Theodore and Nora
    Theodore and Aurora
    Theodore and Beatrice
    Theodore and Arden
    Theodore and Gwyneth/Gwendolyn (Gwen as the nn)
    Theodore and Esme
    Theodore and Maeve
    Theodore and Aveline
    Theodore and Imogen
    Theodore and Penelope

    Assuming you still want the middle name Winter, I especially like Emmeline Winter, Margot Winter, Aurora Winter, Gwendolyn Winter, and Aveline Winter.
    Archimedes Theodore 08/22/2016

    Oleander Peregrine, Viridian Leopold?

    Vote on my boy names [here].

    Names we aren't using:
    Ptolemy Claude-Yves, Bartholomew Daedalus, Montgomery Belvedere, Hyperion Nightingale, Ignatius Voltaire, Dorian Alphonse.

    Isadora Eponine, Persephone Rosamund?

    Vote on my girl names [here].

    Names we aren't using:
    Ophelia Winter-Wren, Cornelia Beatrix, Euphemia Magdalen, Octavia Winifred, Honora Xanthe, Diantha Yvaine, Galatea Antionette, Lamia Odette.

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    Emmy is very sweet but I also feel in this case it needs to be from a longer name: Emilia, Emily, Emmeline, Emerald. I also like Gwen with Teddy/Theo, but same with this: a longer form would sit nicely next to Theodore/Teddy. Guinevere, Gwendolen, Gwenyth. I'm not so keen on your others.

    I second the suggestions of Abigail, Beatrice, Imogen, Penelope.


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    To match with Theo

    Geneviève nn Gen
    Penelope nn Penny
    Victoria nn Vicky

    I think longer names would match better with Theodore. So I think Emmeline would be cute!

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