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    Room Sharing & Age Gaps

    Hey Moms,

    My partner and I are putting our house up in the next year and moving. My question is: how many bedrooms?

    Right now we have 4: a large master, 2 medium sized (We rent 1 out and the nursery is the other), and 1 small (for our son).

    We have 2 kids now: DS was born '08 and DD was just born in '17. We want 2-3 more kids but we've also tossed about the idea of adopting a 2-6yr old from Foster. Should we plan on making all the kids share or make sure DS08 has his own room since he's so much older or will that lead to resentment from younger sibs? How many kids to a room is too many? Will they as teens still be OK with sharing?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    Not a mum but I shared a room with my little brother until I was about 9-10 and he was 8. I really enjoyed it and we grew up really close but when we separated rooms, my brother especially had a lot of nightmares and sleeping difficulties. I shared my room a lot growing up, often 4-5 kids were squashed into the same bedroom, I think a max of 3 kids in the same room under the age of 8 is fine.

    As a teenager, I just need my own space, not a lot but a place I can go to where there's minimum bothering and noise to either do homework, study or relax. I probably wouldn't suggest sharing a room as a teenager, occasionally is fine but I shared a room with 2 others for 8 months when I was 13-14 and hated it so much, there were people in my hair all the time, I couldn't sleep because of all the noise and didn't have a place to do my homework. I think if it's a must, 2 is a max for teenagers, and both need to have their own desk.
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    I shared a room with my little sister from the time she was 18 months (and I was 8) til I moved out at 20. It's an odd thing, because sure it annoyed me at times - not having my own space and all - but I also am thankful that it taught us to share, be gracious, and deal with each other.

    Personally, I think sharing a room is totally acceptable, and it really just comes down to the family dynamics and comfort. I know people that have children sharing rooms, but it's divided by gender. I also have friends whose little boy and girl are close and share a room. Really is just personal choice, I think.
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    I'd say it depends on how big the rooms are. I had my own room as a kid until about 12 years old when my mom started doing foster care. We only had a 3 bedroom house so at times there were 2 or 3 girls in my room with me. I thought it was fun, but my mom made sure we each had our own space in the room. Bunk beds easily gave us this.

    That said, we bought a 5 bedroom house so that hopefully our kids don't have to share rooms. While sharing a room has it's benefits, so does having your own. If you're planning on 5 or 6 kids you probably can't give them all their own rooms and it would depend on their genders too. Preteens and up, I think, shouldn't share with the opposite gender. If I were you I'd look for a 4+ bedroom house and make sure you'd be comfortable with 2 beds or bunk beds in the kids' rooms.
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    Thank you ladies! I never had to share (except in college dorms) so I wasn't sure
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