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    Well, in this subject I think I can shed some light because we've come up with so many sleeping arrangements and room sharing combinations... I have 4 daughters and 1 stepson. My old house had just 3 bedrooms and by some sort of miracle we made it work. There was my bedroom, which was medium sized where my SO and I shared with Eleni until a little over two months ago until we finally weaned her and moved her into her nursery.

    Eleni (age 1) is now sharing her bedroom with my stepson (8) because he's only here every other week/weekend and during the summer vacations. He's also a heavy sleeper, so it has never seemed to bother him if she woke up at night crying.

    And then my older daughters Noor (8), Viola (6) and Ziva (3) shared the largest room. To save space Noor and Viola had a bunk bed which they loved because it turned into a play house for them just with an improvised sheet curtain and Ziva had her toddler bed. It saved room leaving plenty of space in the middle for them to play even though in my house the dining room table was the main play room (they liked to play under it). Maybe because she's the older sister, but it was always a good idea to have Noor in the room with Viola and Ziva because she's always been patient and helpful in reconciling them both when they had their moments. You see, one little girl is a Scorpio and the other is a Gemini, lol.

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    I shared a room my entire childhood until I moved out. Mostly with my sister who is 2 years younger. For a year or so, i shared with my younger brother and sister who are 8 and 10 years younger respectively. At one point, my sister and I bedshared with our younger sister. It all depends on room size and how the kids tolerate it but I generally wouldn't do more than 3 kids or 2 teens max per room.
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    I shared a room growing up, and my kids share also.

    It comes down to a few things: What you can afford, usages of space that are not actually bedrooms (like being able to convert space in a basement or back room into a bedroom if you need it), how your children get along, and your ability to set and keep to routines which let everything run smoothly.

    When we bought, we looked for a home with space that we could convert into more sleeping space when we'd want/need it, but for the time being, my kids share. With an indefinitely growing family, I feel that you have to have a home with potential so you can take things as they come.

    Your older son may be fine sharing for now, but need the space in a few years, when he's the big guy surrounded by a bunch of littles. Depending on the genders of your children, they may need to be split up at some point sooner than you had imagined.

    Good luck with your decisions!

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    I think I shared briefly when I was younger but, as a mid-teen, I can say that I'd absolutely hate to share a room now with my siblings (brother who's two years younger and sister who's five years younger). We don't get on well (our personalities are just too contrasting) so it wouldn't work for us. With younger children, I'd say it would be okay for two or three to share (it may even help their relationship), but I'd advise letting teens have their own room if possible, or sharing with one other sibling. Definitely make sure they have their own space.

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    I'm not a mum, and I've never permanently shared a room, so feel free to take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

    I would give your older son a room of his own from the beginning. He's had his own room until now, it would be completely unfair to make him share with a toddler just as he is becoming a teenager.

    I think it's okay to have under 10s share rooms of up to three, but after that I'd make it no more than 2 to a room. If this will be your 'forever home' I'd start with planning 2 to a room.

    So, if you go on to have 4 more children, and don't foster, I'd be looking at 5 minimum - 1 for you, 1 for your elder son, 2 with two children in it, and another with 1 more child in it.

    If you do decide to foster/adopt, I'd look at a minimum of 6 rooms. Certainly in my area, all foster children must have their own room, and they prefer if adopted children do too.

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