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    Name Ideas for Twin Girls

    I wanted to know any ideas you guys had on Twin Girl names. I don't really know how to make the two names sound good together without being to matchy matchy.

    The style of names I like are unique and uncommon but not weird. I don't really like names that are common enough for there even to be one more person in their grade named the same.

    Thank you so much for the help!

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    All I can think to contribute is what I would name twin girls right now.

    Vera and Rosemary (although different lengths, the r sound in both works for me as does the old-fashioned yet modern feel, and a similar level of sophistication and charm)

    Rosamund and Guinevere (both romantic, yet both strong with the r's and the m's and n's, both three syllables, my only problem is I don't like the nns for Rosamund)

    Geneva and Fenella (both sound fresh and vital to me, like adventuresome girls/women, plus Neva and Fenna are nice together as nns)

    Theda and Undine (each sounds exotic to me, yet is a real name, and sometimes I find myself drawn to first initials that follow one another - like t and u here)

    Stacia and Citrine (not sure why, but I enjoy these two together)

    Catherine and Virginia (two classics, but in 31 years of teaching, I've never taught a girl with either of these names)

    Madelief and Ursuline (both have an ethereal feeling to them that I like, yet both end with a nice firm consonant, the f and the n sounds)

    Cesaria and Dot (I don't know why, but I love this combo. Chessie and Dottie as nns. Maybe it's the surprise of the two together)

    Endellion and Harvest (Such rich, beautiful words and I love Della and Vesta as nns or Enya and Essie)

    Ligeia and Ngaio (Both unusual, both literary -- Ligeia from Edgar Allenb Poe stories and Ngaio from the mystery novelist. Actually I love Ligeia Ngaio as a full name in itself too)

    Fjord and Eyre (Or Fjord and Bronte -- I like that they are short, nature-based or literature-based, and edgy -- the j in Fjord and the y in Eyre complement one another)

    Lumiere and Trillium (Love how these sound together and while they are creative, they don't sound outlandish to me_

    Maryellen and Susanne (Or Susan. I love how homespun these names are and I would nn them Polly and Sus (sooz))

    Shasta and Marguerite (I also like Ruby and Shasta, a Western flair to them. Shasta and Marguerite are both names of daisies and I simply like the sound of them together)

    Opal and Mauve (Or Opal and Gala or Opal and Maeve --- they look and sound good together to me)

    Tamsin and Cressida (I'd nn them Tansy and Cress)

    Florence and Millicent (While I like these names more than love them, they sound nice together I think)

    Araminta and Forsythia (Both are old-fashioned and refreshing sounding, Minta and Sythia or Minty and Flossie for nns and I also adore Forsythe as a gender-neutral nn or name)

    Dinah and Jemma (I love how soft and strong these sound, alone and together)

    Lillian and Dulcinea (Pleasing repetition of l and n sounds, and Lilly and Dulcie are cute together)

    Fabia and Grania (I've never met a Fabia and only knew one Grania, a beautiful black Irish dog)

    Wow, it makes me want to go have 21 sets of twin girls!
    Have fun.... L)
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    If I was having twin girls right now, these pairings would be on my list:

    Leonora (Nell) and Juliet (Ettie)

    Mattea and Viola

    Agatha and Beatrice

    Romilly (Romy) and Cassia (Cass)

    Sorrel and Aster

    Blythe and Pearl

    Iris and Rosa

    Coralie (Cora) and Emmeline (Emmie)

    Nina and Sylvie

    Katherine (Kitty) and Elizabeth (Eliza)

    Personally what I’d be looking for is a similar-ish length, similar etymological background, obvious abbreviations for one or neither and similar levels of popularity. But not actually similar sounding! Not the same first initial and with different consonant sounds.

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