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    A boy named Josey?

    Hi gang,

    I've been struggling for boy names. Hubby really likes Joseph but I would love a modern twist on it. I came up with Josey and I actually love it...but if it reads too feminine, I obviously don't want to subject my kid to a life of torment. I know there have been some male Joseys, but it's super rare. Thoughts??

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    I don't know. I'm hesitant. My first reaction to seeing Josey in the boys' forum was to think of the Clint Eastwood movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, which I haven't actually seen. So, I know the name can have some credibility as a boy's name, even maybe a cowboy or outdoors or rough-and-tumble vibe? But... Josie is a girl's name. On the other hand, I'm of the opinion that a nickname can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. Most baby nicknames end in the long E sound, and that gets dropped over time as a kid gets older. So, Josey could morph into Joze or Jose (long E, not the Spanish name) or Joe over time, or even Joss. Or he could choose to keep going by Josey, or he might revert to the full Joseph. I guess overall I'd say it's doable.

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    I really like Josey for a boy, and Jos/Joss would be a fantastic short form too! It's soft but also rugged and cool. Thumbs up from me.
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    I like it. It could also be short for Joshua, Jonas or Josiah. Maybe even John.
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    I like it.
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