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    Jozy Altidore is a well-known American soccer player and he wears the name really well!
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    Boyfriend named Josey

    I have a boyfriend named Josey and he was bullied in high school for his name. He's a really cool guy and I love his name - but be prepared for people to potentially bully him for his name as it's generally used for girls.

    He rarely gets called Josey these days - he goes by Joe with friends. I've only ever heard him called Josey by his grandmother and cousin, or if he's giving his name to the bank or something.
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    Seems more unisex or male than female although gender doesn’t really matter at his point.

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    My Southwest Border environment nudges me to see the Spanish Jose (Ho-SAY) here. Which is solidly in the male column. Make of that what you will, it's just an observation. Jose may be a little too Spanish for English speaking communities' use. But it might not stay that way forever!

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    I like it, too, I think it just depends on the area you live in--whether people will tease/berate him or not. In my area, people wouldn't so I would go for it.
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