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    Help! One week to go and still deciding on a name.

    I have just more than a week before my due date and still haven't picked out a name for this baby.

    If it's a girl, I think we've finally narrowed it down to two choices:

    Adeline Marilyn (pronounced Add-a-line)
    Anna Marilyn

    The middle name, Marilyn, is a family name and not up for debate. Siblings are Ezra and Ophelia. Last name is one syllable, starting with a T and ending with S.

    Adeline feels like the more interesting of the two names and I think it works best alongside Ezra and Ophelia. However, I really dislike the nickname Addie (and every other nn I've come across for this name). I'm not big on nicknames in general and would only want to use the complete name Adeline but I'm worried that Addie is such an obvious diminutive that it might be hard to avoid.

    Anna feels a bit more timeless to me and I think it flows best with middle name Marilyn. It seems like the safest choice and I think it's a very pretty name that works just as well for an adult as for a baby. I have no real concerns with Anna, the way I do with Adeline. Having said that, I don't think it fits as well with Ezra and Ophelia. In particular, I don't love having all three names ending with the same sound.

    Which do you prefer and why?
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    I like Adeline better than Anna, but I voted Anna Marilyn - I agree that it flows much better!
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    It depends on a lot of things. If you pronounce Adeline with -lyn at the end, then yeah, the flow is not the best. But Adeline with -line and Marilyn are definitely doable. Besides, I think Adeline goes better with Ezra and Ophelia, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with Anna! I just prefer Adeline overall.

    Some nickname suggestions for Adeline:
    Ena (eh-na)

    Running out of options here, but you get me! Nicknames are where you get to be creative. They don't necessarily have to be connected to the name itself. I mean, my name is Elena and my cousin calls me Elsa.

    I hope you figure it out! Good luck and congrats!
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    Anna gets my vote - I think the timelessness of Anna actually does fit better with quirky classics Ezra & Ophelia. Also, I'm not a fan of the double -line/-lyn, regardless of the pronunciation of Adeline (I find that it's the L's that throw the flow off, at least for me).

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    Thanks for your responses!

    We would say Add-a-line, not Add-a-lyn. I'll edit the original post to reflect that. Thanks for bringing that up — it does make a difference!

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