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    How Would You Spell This Name for This Pronunciation?

    I like the name Madeline, and in my head I read it as "Mad-ah-lyn", which is the pronunciation I prefer (as opposed to Mad-ah-line, like the French girl who lives in a house covered in vines). I don't really care for the Madalyn spelling, but I am afraid that I would have to use it for correct pronunciation.

    What are your thoughts, Berries?
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    I think the closest towards your preferred pronunciation is Madeleine (mad-eh-lehn).

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    In the US, Madeline will more often than not get you where you want. Madelyn is actually the most popular spelling so maybe that appeals more than Madalyn? My younger sister is Leah Madeline, and her middle name is pronounced -lyn.
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    I'd spell it Madeleine for that pronunciation. That said, I think many (non-namenerd) English speakers might automatically say it as you like upon seeing Madeline anyway, due to the popularity of Madalyn.

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    I say-
    Madelyn: Mad-uh-lynn
    Madeleine: Mad-uh-len
    Madeline: Mad-uh-line

    So I would spell it Madelyn for your pronunciation, but I’d probably just as for clarification if I had to say/spell it.
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