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Thread: Which combo??

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    Which combo??

    Just thinking about some combos

    Which name would you pick from each of these sections? (You don't have to do them all if you don't want to)

    *Edith Maisie
    *Edith Lola
    *Edith Pearl
    *Edith Cornelia
    *Edith Larissa
    *Edith Miranda
    *Edith Lurleen

    *Aurelia Whitby
    *Amelie Whitby
    *Erica Whitby

    *Erica Sunday (too weird? It just came into my head when I thought of Erica)
    *Erica Sunshine
    *Erica Poem
    *Erica Lucille

    *Eliza Rae
    *Eliza Cadence
    *Eliza Phoebe

    Thank you!!
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    Gemma Adelaide|Georgiana Bristol|Genevieve Islay|Garnet Astoria

    More combos!

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    I would choose:
    Edith Larissa
    Aurelia Whitby
    Erica Lucille (although Erica Sunday isn't too weird to me!)
    Eliza Rae

    Good luck!
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    I couldn't pick just one from each, I had to pick two...

    *Edith Maisie & Edith Lola - I love the playfulness of Maisie and Lola in the middle.

    *Aurelia Whitby & Amelie Whitby - I personally prefer Aurelia but I think Amelie is super sweet, too.

    *Erica Sunday & Erica Sunshine - I'm not a huge fan of Erica but both Sunday and Sunshine make her more interesting and brighten the combo. I love happy, energetic, bright names so Sunshine is my favorite here.

    *Eliza Rae & Eliza Phoebe - both Rae and Phoebe are spunky and I really like them in the middle here. I think Phoebe is a little more unexpected as a middle so I think that's my favorite.
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    Edith Maisie - completely gorgeous!
    Erica Sunday - love this too!
    Eliza Phoebe - beautiful!

    I'm not keen on Aurelia.

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