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Thread: Initial Woes

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    Initial Woes

    Hi everyone,

    First time poster! Recently found out that we are welcoming a baby girl this fall and I am over the moon excited. Naturally, it’s time to start thinking about names.

    I’m wondering whether other people care about initials that sort of spell a word. We like the name Bryn(n) and I also love Violet, but our last name starts with an R. Is it bad news for her initials to be BVR? Makes me think of beaver.

    Anyway, just curious if others consider this when picking a name or if it really doesn’t matter that much!

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    I don’t think the initials BVR are an issue. I do consider initials when narrowing down my options, but usually there’s not anything to be concerned about.
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    I wouldn't have thought twice about the initials BVR. Personally the only initials I'd avoid are those that spell actual words that could be inappropriate or initials that create a well-known abbreviation/acronym. (For example, A.S.S. or K.K.K.)
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    Would’ve never in a million years thought of BVR as beaver. I don’t see this as an issue.
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    I think initials matter to an extent, but BVR as "beaver" is no reason for you not to use Brynn Violet (which is absolutely lovely)! I don't think anyone will care enough about her initials enough to connect it to "beaver".
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