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    What girls name goes best with the others?

    Hi berries! I want to streamline names for our (hopefully) third and final baby early next year. This is the girls list.

    We have:
    Grace Katherine
    Maxwell George

    Middle names for these two are family names. For the third child, however, we just want two names that sound awesome and go with our other children's names.

    Isobel Florence is the frontrunner. I also love Lola June.

    Names we agree on:

    Names I like, husband ok with

    Names husband likes, I am ok with

    I want your opinions on what first name goes best with the sibset, and any good combos.

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    Your names are fantastic!
    The only ones I’m not crazy about are Frankie, Delaney, and Quinn.
    Eve would match your set perfectly and I love Florence in the middle name spot but not sure it flows with Eve.

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    I really love Eve with your other children's names. Gr@ce, M@xwell, & Ev3 would be a stunning sibset! Isobel would be my second choice, if you are not bothered by the the last syllable kind of rhyming with your son's name.
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    Yes those 3 are my husband's choice. He likes modern names. I like them in theory, but probably for someone else's children!

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    Eve Clementine
    Violet Delaney
    Willa Florence

    If I'm honest the only two that really go with Grace and Maxwell are Eve and Florence. Both vintage classics that aren't too frilly how about -

    - Jean
    - Lucy
    - May
    - Elle
    - Rose
    - Sadie
    - Elsie
    - Helen/a
    - Alice
    - Clara
    - Esther
    - Nancy
    - Nora
    - Nettie
    - Ada
    - Maude
    - Vera

    With middle names from your list -

    - Maude Violet
    - Vera Florence
    - Alice June
    - Esther Clementine
    - Jean Isobel

    Some other combos you might like -

    - Maude Adeline
    - Esther Olive
    - Ada Rosalind
    - Clara Daphne
    - Helen Adeline
    - Elle Kathleen (That way you can honor the same person with different names and your daughters have a link)
    - Nettie Opal
    - Nancy Vivian
    - Rose Eleanor
    - Elsie Caroline
    - Vera Poppy
    - May Agatha (Would also sound gorgeous the other way round but I'm not sure if Agatha is too out there for you)
    - Esther Lillian
    - Alice Emery
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