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    HELP! Husband an I cannot agree.

    Help us pick a name, my husband and I cannot seem to agree on anything. Any insight or opinions on the following names would be wonderful.

    Ansel - My husbands favorite, but i'm not sure. Is there a nickname?
    Zane - I like, but don't love. It is starting to grow on me
    Waylon - Same as above and maybe a bit too country?
    Beckett - We both like, but my name is Becki and I don't want people to think we are naming our son after me.
    Lennox - we both like but hate the nickname Lenny...
    Hayes - this one we are mulling over
    Milo - same as above
    Leo - Used to be my husband's favorite, but now he "doesn't love" I love it.

    Middle name is Worth, a family name. Argh. HELP!

    Oh and his sister is Ruby Marlo Our last name is one syllable.
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    I love Ansel !

    Ansel Worth "Ace" would be fantastic !


    Perhaps Lennox Worth "Leo"

    Beckett I would stay away from unless your using it as a name sake.

    Hayes Worth "surname" may end up sounding like a law firm

    Waylon Worth - I love Waylon but can't get past the alteration on this one
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    Ansel is my favorite. I think Ace is a good nickname suggestion. Or something natural will just pop up.
    Zane isn't my style
    Waylon I like, but I do find it country. Too country for me to use personally.
    I'm Rebecca and wouldn't put Beckett on our list do the same reason.
    My son is Lennon (similar to Lennox) and he never gets called Lenny. Literally,the only person who has ever called him that is my 6 year old nephew. We don't love the nickname Lenny, but I wouldn't say we hate it. If we hated it I probably would have avoided it. I want my kids to feel comfortable choosing whatever nickname they want.
    I like Hayes on paper but hate when said out loud it sounds like haze.
    Love Milo, my 2nd favorite.
    Leo is nice. I agree it can be a nickname for Lennox if you want.
    Good luck.
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    Just my opinion

    Ansel - I don't like it, reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. But maybe the nn Ani (ah-nee)?

    Zane - It's okay, but I prefer Zander, since it reminds me of Zayn, the singer.

    Waylon - sounds like a tool name instead of a baby name. Hand me that waylon.

    Beckett - I prefer it on a girl, but love the nn Beck.

    Lennox - Maybe make the nn Len?

    Hayes - No. Too many people named Hayes nowadays.

    Milo - Cute, only name out of this list I would for sure use. I love it.

    Leo - sounds like a dog or lion name, infact my uncle's Labrador is named Leo.
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    Bump, and thanks for the input so far. I didn't even think of Waylon Worth not really going! Good to know that Lenny isn't the usual nickname.. I do like Len.

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