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    Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Predictions

    So Khloe Kardashian is due in the next few weeks and has revealed that she is having a girl. She also said that she is leaning toward a name that starts with T (though a K name is a possibility). With that in mind, here are my predictions.

    Word Names:


    Most of the Kardashian-Jenner babies have some sort of word name, as does Tristan Thomspon's son Prince (from a previous relationship). We have no way of knowing Khloe's style, but some sort of word name seems a solid bet. Out of these possibilities, my pick would be Trinity Thompson. It would hold religious significance for the couple and goes with the many short word names in the Kar-Jenner family (Saint, North, Dream, Reign, etc) without being too similar.

    Traditional Names:


    A few of the Kar-Jenner kids do have more traditional names (Mason and Penelope) so it's possible Khloe would go that route. Tallulah seems to be popular among celebrities, Tyra has fashion cred, and Tyria, Tysha and Talisa all have links to GOT, which the couple is a fan of. Personally, I think Tiana Thompson nn Tia would be cute.

    Wild Cards:
    There's always the chance they might abandon their rules and just choose a name they like, so in that case I would predict...

    (It sounds pretty, is trendy, and they are fans of the show. Plus Dany is a sweet nickname).

    One Thompson
    (Seven is getting use as a first and middle, Eleven and Four are the names of popular tv characters, and Three was a prediction for Kim and Kanye's third child. Naming their daughter One Thompson would be a bold way of honoring their first child together, and has an atmosphere of positive contentment associated with oneness or wholeness. It feels like an unusual but very zen choice).

    So what do you think Khloe's naming style will be: wild, traditional, or something in between? What would you like to see the couple pick for their little girl and what do you think will actually pick? I think I like Trinity Thompson the best, but I'm sure they'll manage to surprise me!

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    For some reason, I picture Khloe as having a somewhat traditional naming style. She's always seemed more grounded than most of her sisters so it would make sense to me that she wouldn't go totally out there. I could be wrong, though! I'm interested to see what she will actually pick.

    I haven't heard much about her pregnancy nor her thoughts on names, so I wasn't aware of the T thing. I had heard a rumor before that she wanted to name a son after the dad, but that may have just been a rumor. If not, I wonder if she would maybe consider Trista then?

    I like your theory of Trinity! True would be interesting. Maybe Tess or Tessa?

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    @namergirl3 I almost included Tess or Tessa on the list, but then I realized that the reason I like the sound of Tessa Thompson so much is because there is an actress by that name who has been quite high profile over the past few years. Tessa Thompson most recently starred in Westworld, Creed and Thor:Ragnarok. For some reason, I think even if Khloe's style is more traditional she'll want a unique name, not want shared by another celebrity. But I could be wrong! I never would have thought that Kylie would choose Stormi amidst all the Stormy Daniels drama.

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    I agree with PP, Khloe has always come across as the most grounded one out of her sisters, alongside Kendall. I think she may go traditional, but then I could see her using unisex names. Lily and Tatum stick out to me most, but Tallulah has been something I could see her using (nn Lula/Tula).

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    @eoxima Tatum is a really good idea!! I never considered that she would go the more unisex route but she totally might!!! I could also see her using Tate.

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