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    Thoughts on middle name for baby Mavis?

    I think my husband and i have settled on the first name Mavis (yay!) But now we are battling it out over the middle. I prefer 3 syllables and names beginning with a vowel, he only likes Evangeline. I find Mavis Evangeline 2 syllable last name to be too much of a mouth full.

    So far, my only front runners are Mavis Elodie and Mavis Junia.

    Thoughts and suggestions would be wonderful! Hoping to have this girl named before she's due in June!

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    I like the above posters suggestion of Evelyn or Everly. Mavis Evelyn is very beautiful!

    I would make some suggestions but I think @whiteteaandginger has it covered! I think Mavis Imogen has a lovely feel to it.
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    From your list, I actually think Mavis Evangeline is very beautiful, and not too much with a 2 syllable last name.
    Mavis Junia is also pretty.

    Other ideas:

    Mavis Penelope
    Mavis Lillian
    Mavis Claire
    Mavis Lucille
    Mavis Elena
    Mavis Lavender
    Mavis Naomi
    Mavis Juniper
    Mavis Therese
    Bjorn Knox
    Jasper Lorenz
    Titus Andrew
    Jonah Oliver
    Arlo Maxim
    Seren Juniper Snow
    Esme Opal Belle
    Signe Hazel
    Cleo Simone
    Arabella Wren

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