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    Need help narrowing down our final choices. Baby due soon.

    Hi Berries!

    I've posted a couple of times over the last several weeks so I apologize if you are seeing any repeat names. We have our list narrowed down to a few names and was wondering if you could help me choose. My name is Paloma (which means dove in Spanish) so I would like to use the middle name Dove, but I'm struggling to decide on a first name. I also love the idea of having a cute nickname for the little babe when she arrives so I will list the nickname I'm planning on using with each name. Thanks for all your help! I am trusting in you gals! Xoxo, P
    1. Winslow Dove (nickname Lolo or Winnie)
    2. Simone Dove (don't have a nickname for this one)
    3. Harlowe Dove (nickname Lolo)
    4. Evangeline Dove (nickname Gigi)

    Thanks again

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    Evangeline Dove is beautiful.

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    Evangeline Dove is defintely my favorite of your combos. Nickname for Simone could be SiSi (like CC), Mo, Momo, Mimi or Mona.

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    Simone gets my vote! Beautiful, powerful, underused and a great namesake in Nina Simone.

    I'm not sure about a nickname, though... Simi? Or you could always call her Dove as a pet name!
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    Simone or Evangeline. So gorgeous.
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