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Thread: Toby or Tobias

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    Toby or Tobias

    Hello, which one do you prefer toby or tobias, and why? Also are there any middle names you like with either? Thanks

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    Toby is way cute.

    Tobias is a YouTuber who likes little girls if you get the drift, so I don't like that name anymore.

    I love Toby Theodore and Toby Philip alot!

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    I defnitly prefer Tobias!
    You can still use Toby as a NN but if he grows up he might like to have a longer and more formal name. Imagine he becomes a lawyer or a manager. I would like to have a more formal name then. If he wants he can still use Toby with friends and family.

    Good luck!

    PS: I would not care about the Youtuber. He will probably never be associated with him, since when he is old enough to understand what Youtube even is, this Youtube Tobias will be out of sight anyways!
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    Tobias is lovely! My cousin just named her son that (no middle name). He occasionally gets the nn Toby, which is equally adorable.

    I agree with @sparfuchsx3 - about the flexibility of full name Tobias, and about the YouTuber - don't even worry!

    Tobias Flynn, Tobias Finch, Tobias Andrew, off the top of my head.
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    Tobias! I love this name and it would be on my own shortlist except that it really doesn't work with our last name. You can always use Toby as a nickname if you want, but if it were me I would just use Tobias.

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