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    Thoughts on the name Lucy?

    Ok so I’ve loved the name Lucy ever since I was a little girl. When we found out we were pregnant with we chose Lucy for a girl and Levi for a boy. We ended up having a Levi now my husband is saying his parents and himself hate the name Lucy because his dad says everyone will call her Lucy goosey...(his family always has dirty minds *eye roll*) any Lucy’s out there ever actually had this problem? Or does anyone else out there associate the name Lucy with this phrase? I’ve always wanted this name for my little girl and now we’re not agreeing on any other names 😭
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    I think it's a perfect name. It's cute, strong and classic and is lovely at any age.

    This is not to deter you from using it but I named our family dog Lucy when I was a kiddo. Sometimes I called her Lucy Goosey or Luce Goose, but as a term of endearment. I can't imagine it being a huge problem on a child though. Do kids even know this phrase now? How many people would actually say that to her? I highly doubt it will be an issue.
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    I like Lucy! It's got a sweet and spunky feel to it. Regarding Lucy Goosey, my mind never would have gone there if you hadn't mentioned it, and I was regularly read Henny Penny/Chicken Little when I was young. As for slang, I always understood loosey goosey to refer to being relaxed and casual, not specifically promiscuity. That being said, your daughter's contemporaries aren't likely to know either of these references, it's only older generations who will even think of them. Not only that, but you could veto practically any name based on teasing potential if you try hard enough.

    However, none of that matters if you're husband is no longer loving the name. I'd chat with him to find out if he's had a genuine change of heart, or if his opinion is largely being influenced by his parents. They've had
    their turn naming a human, this time it isn't up to them.
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    I love the name Lucy!!

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    I really like Lucy (and it’s had a big surge in popularity in recent years), but my possibly unhelpful thought is that it doesn’t match Levi. I see Levi as a super cool name that would go with a Saskia or Alexa sister whereas Lucy pairs with James or Thomas in my mind....

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