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    Hey @lainy, great to hear from you and that’s amazing! Fantastic work, it must be a huge commitment pumping for twins and you are very rightly proud of it Hope you’re all doing well. How are the girls?
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    Hi! I'm BFing my almost 4 month old and I BF my 3 year old until just before her second birthday. Hoping to go as long with O, but we'll see what she wants. C pretty much decided herself when she wanted to wean.

    We struggled a little at first but my lactation consultant has been amazing. I have to use a nipple shield because my nipples are quite flat, which is more of an inconvenience than anything else, but we've managed a few times without it so I hope that over the next few months we can wean her from the shield. I had the same issue with my oldest, I had to use the shield with her for just over 2 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lainy View Post
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I'm still pumping for my twins at 5 mpp & I'm very proud of it. I do have to supplement as I'm only making about 50-75% of their intake. Miss you all!
    Omg girl! I was just thinking of you and wondering how everything is going with your little girls?! So nice to see you posting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mummacat92 View Post
    Omg girl! I was just thinking of you and wondering how everything is going with your little girls?! So nice to see you posting!
    Hi! The girls are doing so good! They'll be 6 months on Tuesday and I just can't believe it, time really does fly by. I miss all of you and wish I could check in more often but it's so rare that I have downtime. (Which I'm totally OK with!)

    I hope you're doing well!!! <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by medfordkung View Post
    The past month has been more of the same. H hasn't gained despite adding donor milk supplementation and solids to the mix. He has taken to solids like no kid I have ever seen... happily wolfs down everything we give him. Full baby-led weaning. We never give him anything by spoon or put it in his mouth for him, and still he downs whole avocados and fistfuls of butternut squash. So appetite and/or intake are not the problems. Essentially our whole day most days is spent feeding him. Because he sleeps all night through without waking, I aim to fit in 8-12 nursing sessions during the daytime (I also pump 2-3 times during his 12-13 hour sleep). So between all those breastfeeds, 3 big meals of solids, and the donor milk supplementation as well as giving him every drop of my own pumped milk... there is little time to do anything else throughout the day. It baffles me that he isn't gaining. He gained just under 2oz last month. But I am honestly resigned to just wait it out and not stress any further about it. We have been waiting a couple months for the pediatric allergist... our appointment isn't until mid-June so we still have a ways to go yet. I guess he isn't high enough priority because he is otherwise completely healthy and meeting/exceeding all milestones. He is such a happy baby, but it is still hard not to worry. He has now been working at this stubborn 13th pound for 4 months, and every day he doesn't gain, he falls further and further off the charts. But I am more confident every day that he is not in dire danger. It's not an ideal situation, and I worry he may be stunted for life, but I am not worried anymore that he could be gravely ill. He is just too happy and healthy in every other way.
    Woo man I was not in a good place the last time i posted here. Well, H is 22 months now and we are going stronger than ever with breastfeeding. Our journey really started to turn around when he was diagnosed in June 2018 with a bunch of allergies. He had been getting many allergens through me that just seem to have held him back. He stayed on that stubborn 13th lb for 6 months and had was down to something like .004 percentile on WHO charts for weight. It was crazy... since then he has fully rebounded and is right where he should have been all along (is now 28 lbs and 32 inches). So given how bad our very beginning was, plus all the weight gain struggles once we actually got him to the breast full time, our nursing relationship really turned up around 11 months or so and has been amazing ever since. Honestly I am so so so thankful I stuck through so much crap to get to this part. H only actually nurses about 2-4 times a day now, but often nurses for comfort (not to letdown) more frequently when he has any spills or stressful experiences. It makes him so happy. He has had one cold in his life so far, and I credit getting through two winters to the facts that he is so far an only child and to my continued breastfeeding. He is robust and healthy, happy, and so stinking smart. My original goal was to make it to 2 and I'm very confident we will.

    I also still pump very very tiny amounts, but to donate to my state's hospital milk bank and to save for if we adopt an infant. That became very important to me after our first potential adoptive scenario last fall when we learned of a micro preemie whose parents were weighing adoption placement at the time. That child obviously did not come home with us, but it inspired me to donate as I think of all the little ones out there we don't know of personally but who come about needing breastmilk every day.

    @katinka, congrats on AH. Her name is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry to have missed the deliberations, but so glad she us here and you chose so well. How is breastfeeding going third time round?
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