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    Love this thread!

    Im Sky, been breastfeeding since my first and still going, yes supply and demand is really a thing! It has had trots and peaks, had thrush a few times and then mastitis (that pain tho). Now here I am with my new little one!

    Weaning is a pain... My first and second I did together, the first lost interest. Second was doing it as a behaviour (like before sleep) so cut him off completely once third had arrived (he got over it!). Third is still going but only in morning. When fourth is home I might just keep going for a bit, it is not interfering yet so we shall see!

    These stories are amazing and you are all such inspiration!

    Much love
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    Hello all, it's been a while since I've checked in. Our newest addition is 5 weeks old now and I am EBF. He is an eater! At birth he was 7lb 8oz, and at his 1 month check up he was a whopping 11 lbs!

    When my milk came in I had a bit (a lot) of an over supply, so I was pumping a couple times a day on top of feeding on demand just to try to avoid mastitis and luckily, even though it was close for a little, I did. I pumped, used hot compresses and showers, and now I only pump once, sometimes twice a day on top of feedings. The upside is I am building a big supply for when I go back to work in September. If it continues like this, I will probably look into donating some.

    I also have a pretty forceful let down, Atlas often pulls himself off, coughing, leaving me spraying milk until I can cover it and get him to latch again. I think it is contributing to his gassy-ness. I have tried the gas relief drops, and gripe water a couple times and I didn't notice a big difference in his behavior. Has anyone changed their diet/cut something out and found an improvement in babies behavior? He doesn't have a rash or vomiting, but he is much gassier and spits up more than my first so I wonder if there is something else I could do. I know most common thing women cut out is dairy, but I eat very little. I do usually have a string cheese each day, but that's it, I already use non-dairy creamer in my coffee.
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    @katieree Congratulations again! I would say that at 5 weeks, gassiness (even extreme gassiness) is actually very normal. Babies’ little digestive systems are still starting up and settling into processing everything, and at the same time your supply is still regulating and baby is still learning how to latch and feed efficiently.

    I wouldn’t rush into exclusion diets or anything like that yet — for now, I would say just make sure his latch is as good as it can be and give yourselves a little bit of time to get into the swing of nursing. Keep nursing sessions calm and without time pressure, and find a position (or positions) that is comfortable for you both and enables good attachment. My babies preferred different positions — they’re all different!

    I had oversupply and forceful letdown too and it does make it that bit more difficult for tiny babies to cope with, especially at the beginning. It makes for a lot of on-off-on-off, which also doesn’t help with the wind. However, he will be able to cope with it better and better as he gets older, and your supply should soon settle down a bit too (6-10 weeks is the usual time frame for this).

    Have you tried a little bit of abdominal massage or bicycling his legs to release some of the wind? Also, if you can carry him around or sit with him upright as much as possible (like on your shoulder), I found this helped hugely.

    Good luck!
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