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    The Breastfeeding Thread

    Calling all breastfeeding mums and mums-to-be!

    I thought it would be nice to have our very own thread, dedicated to all things breastfeeding.

    Whether you're looking for general support and reassurance, have a specific question or problem you want advice on, or just want to chat with other mums who are in the same boat - this is the thread for you!
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    I'll just do a quick introduction:

    I'm 25, currently feeding my youngest (7mo), and I recently qualified as a BF Peer Supporter so I have a special interest in this area (though I'm not a medical professional!)

    I'm mostly struggling at the moment with sleep - or rather, the lack of it! K is still feeding through the night and most settled when dozing on the breast - not the most conducive situation for a restful night's sleep for me. It's more comfort than nutrition at this stage, I think, but if I don't feed him he wakes up fully. Tips on how to break the cycle gratefully received!
    J. M. (2015) + K. V. (2017) ♂
    baby sister due in February!

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    A really good idea!

    I’m Jools and I am 30 and I am currently breastfeeding my first child: my little girl Tabitha who is 7 and a half months. Tabitha really easily started breastfeeding when she was born and has been a good little eater but since I started introducing solids she has been really fussy and sometimes the only way to calm her down is to breastfeed - I have cooled it down a little on the solids sides and only introduce new foods once or twice or week and let her have her favourites and I will slowly start to introduce more overtime.

    My one issue at the moment is that I am pregnant again and have hyperemesis gravidarum and have not been eating as much and even though I have been put on meds to help I still can’t keep a lot down and I am worried of it affect my milk supply.

    Also, how do people deal with judgy eyes and sideways glances or worse some men leering when breastfeeding in public? It’s not like I whip it out, I am very careful and I wear clothing to limit the potential of flashing people but I still receive some judgemental looks if I am in a cafe or something huh and discreetly start to feed Tabitha. I try to ensure that I work around her feeding schedule but babies are a law unto themselves and if they want to feed then they want to feed! I am not an easily annoyed person but this really gripes and also upsets me.

    @katinka: I totally get what you mean about it being more about comfort than nutrition, Tibs does the same. You could try and give him something else for comfort: Tabitha loves snuggling with my pyjama vest from the night before as it has my smell over it and she is very sensitive to smells; dummies/pacifiers if you use them; I have sang Tabitha a song everyday (Lavender’s Blue) and it always comforts and distracts her so you could maybe introduce a soft song that’s not to upbeat to him to calm him.
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    I'm expecting twins and I'm hoping to breast feed. First time mom so ANY advice is appreciated. I don't even know where to start. I will need to pump as well to build up a supply for when I go back to work at 12 weeks. I'm so nervous about producing enough milk for two babies AND having extra to stock pile.
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    Great thread idea!

    I’m Whitney and I’m 26. I’m still breastfeeding my 15 month old. Although he does it more for comfort because I don’t think I’m producing that much milk. He also is really good about eating solids and has bottles when I’m at work/school.

    @katinka I still struggle with breastfeeding my son at night as well. He cosleeps with us and some nights he just wants to nurse ALL night. Although lately he’s gotten pretty good about just waking up once to eat. My son sleeps in the middle of us so sometimes if he’s really bugging me to nurse, my husband will move in the middle and move Ali to the other side. And Allister usually will go back to sleep pretty fast.

    @bluebirdjools I’ve struggled with breastfeeding in public as well! Allister hates having a cover over him, so he would constantly pull down any cover I tried to use. I kinda gave up trying to bf in public and ended up feeding him in my car or the bathroom.

    @lainy Congratulations! How exciting! What really helped me with my supply was just eating well and a lot! (I was constantly hungry when I first started to bf) and drinking lots of water. I tried mother’s milk teas but I didn’t notice a difference. I also tried the lacation cookies they have at babies r us and I did notice a difference when I had those.

    Allister’s new thing when bf is to pull my shirt open and to put his feet in my shirt. He now has to have it like this to fall asleep. Anyone else’s baby do this?
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