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    Hi everyone

    I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month old, and we've definitely had some ups and downs with the process. We had no trouble latching, but my little one was a very frequent feeder and was pretty much constantly on my breast until he was about four months old. I was so sore! I love the intimacy of breastfeeding, but its not always the calm, productive experience I had imagined it to be. This seems to be especially true now, as LO can be very distracted or get very frustrated while eating during the day. He's getting a little better, but there was a time when he would just scream every time I tried to feed him, and I constantly worried that he was uncomfortable or not getting enough.

    @katinka & jtucker - I am also experiencing long and frequent night feeds. I'm guessing that some of it has to do with his short daytime feeds, but I know a lot of it is for comfort too. I can usually get him to fall asleep without feeding him until around 11pm, after which feeding is the only way. He was a great sleeper from about 1 to 3 months, so this has all been quite exacerbating! We hadn't planned on cosleeping, but we've recently started allowing him into our bed starting around 2 or 3 in the morning. We all get a lot more sleep this way and it is so so nice to cuddle up next to his little body, but I he does tend to roll into me so that I'm practically off the bed in the morning! I also haven't quite gotten the side-lying while sleeping thing down yet - it's just a struggle getting comfortable I think.

    I've also recently started pumping more regularly (in fact I'm writing during a pumping break!), as we just started him in a part time daycare program (4 hrs/day). I had been trying to work with him both at home and in my office, but it proved just too difficult to focus on both him and work at the same time - especially since he never wanted to leave my breast. Pumping has mostly been going fine (although it is a bit more painful and really limits my morning flexibility), but right now I'm struggling to keep up with him. My period already came back and it seems to be decreasing my milk supply. It increased again during the middle of my cycle last month, so I'm eager it to go away again soon!

    Is anyone else dealing with allergies? Ives seems to be allergic to dairy, eggs, and possibly soy. I did have a small freezer stash of milk, but, alas, I cannot use any of it, as it was pumped before I cut all of these things out of my diet. I'm not sure what I mourn more - my old diet or that milk that is now sitting in the back of the freezer in case he grows out of the allergies before it goes bad. I was a vegetarian, but now I am essentially a soy-free vegan and therefore very limited. I have started eating some fish for the protein - both for me and the LO! I want to nurse for as long as possible and will do whatever it takes to keep us both healthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katinka View Post
    @daphodil *wave* great to hear from you! We were in the same due date thread with L and K I’m glad she’s doing well and BF has been smooth sailing for you both. It’s important to acknowledge that, although problems are totally normal and at times unavoidable, it’s not always a struggle and nursing can be a real pleasure!

    A quick q for you: at 10 months, do you feel like you’re in a fairly regular pattern with the feeds now or not? K is still all over the place and I can’t remember what J was like at this stage.
    *waves back*
    I don't feel that we are or ever have been in a regular pattern, to be honest. Well, perhaps at night. She wakes up around two times to nurse, but in the day it's all over the place. Some days she can go hours without milk, other days she wants to feed pretty much every 30 minutes. She has always been a frequent, but fast (never more than 4-5 minutes) feeder. I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, hah.
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    I'm currently still breastfeeding my 16 mo. I'm kind of leaning toward trying to be done soon ish, but she is still pretty attached, so it might take a while. Most urgently, I want to night wean. She's been waking up 2-3 times a night to nurse for about a year now. I usually just fall asleep nursing her, so I'm not that sleep deprived, but it would be nice to sleep for more than 4 hours consecutively haha. I'm likely going to attempt to fully wean in the next few months, because I still don't have my cycle back and want to TTC #2 later this year hopefully. Also I have had a really hard time losing baby weight, and I've wondered if stopping breastfeeding would help. But, we have had a really easy breastfeeding experience, and so far I have been too lazy to try very hard to even night wean, so I feel like it's going to be a while still. She is such a good baby... AFTER she has had her milk haha. She is inconsolable if I'm there and don't let her nurse when she'd like to though.

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    I breastfed my first for about a year and a half and have plans to do the same with #2 on the way in May. We had a pretty good breastfeeding experience especially with some of the obstacles we faced. He was in the NICU for the first few days, so I pumped while he was on the feeding tube and went to breast on the 4th day. Then, because of unfortunate circumstances, I had to return to work full time only 4 weeks postpartum so I had to pump a lot to keep up, but we were able to do it. He got on a pretty regular schedule of feeding after a few months, maybe because I was forced back to work so soon and wasn't available on call for much of the day. I'd say he was sleeping mostly through the night by around 6 months. Sometimes, I would wake up so engorged I needed to pump because I didn't want to wake him up.

    This time I have a different work arrangement so LO will be 3 1/2-4 months when I go back to work so I am excited about that. I have a long commute currently and hoping to change that before I go back, but we shall see.
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    @katinka - hang in there Mama. Sorry that you are like me getting very little sleep, but good to know that I’m not the only one with a baby this age going thru the same thing.
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