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    Quote Originally Posted by cactusgram View Post
    I told my parents and brothers on Monday which was fun. My mom screamed and cried and my dad teared up. So cute!
    Aw that's so sweet!
    Expecting our first, a wee girl, on 24th Nov!
    Probably either:
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    Hey there! Read your post.
    Such a great news You are soon going to be a mum. Being mum is the most wonderful feeling.
    You seem a bit nervous. Don't be nervous dear. You will have a healthy baby soon. Try to keep yourself relaxed. Eat healthy. Don't forget to take prenatal vitamins. Exercise daily. Specially try yoga. Enjoy being pregnant. You will be missing these days in some months.
    Wish you luck.
    Fingers crossed.
    Lots of love.

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    @cactusgram How exciting! I'm dying to be able to talk about this, so maybe I'll follow your lead and announce to my parents at least. Adding that it IS early, of course.

    @texasblue Congrats to you as well! How exciting to have the first grand baby on BOTH sides of the family! That's awesome.

    Right now we're really trying to sort out when we want to tell our families. I really want my mom's advice... on everything. She's a NICU nurse and lactation consultant, so she knows a ton. My husband is a little nervous to announce until we've had our first appointment. Right now it still seems so unreal for both of us, like "Is this really happening?" Hahaha. I suppose that's normal.
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    Very very cautiously joining this thread now!
    Got a faint positive last week followed by spotting, cramping and negative tests, but things are looking up now, and I am allowing myself to be hopeful! I am midway through week 4, due on October 15th, another first time mama here!
    Congrats to everyone so far, I hope we all have happy, healthy pregnancies that result in cute chunky little babies!

    I have officially joined the midwife registry and wait list for my province, it’s incredibly hard to get a midwife here so you need to sign up immediately and hope for the best. It feels way too soon to consider that, but I am hopeful!

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    I love when a new Due Dates thread starts rolling! Many congratulations to you all and here’s to a very happy and healthy nine months ahead
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    baby sister due in February!

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