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    Help! Names for 2 Winter Castles in a Fantasy Land, one light, one dark?

    Hey Berries! I've never used the writing forum before, but I am SO stuck.

    I'm writing a fantasy story set in a far northern, wintry land. The land is ruled by two opposing castles, one presenting light and is home to the story's heroes, the other representing darkness and houses the story's villain, The Witch King. The Witch King's castle is made of enchanted ice. These two opposing forces are inspired by the way that regions in the Arctic Circle experience six months of light and six months of darkness. Basically, for half the year the light castle holds the upper hand and for half the year the Witch King holds the upper hand.

    A Word on the Witch King:
    (Inspired by the fantasy stereotype of the Snow Queen) He is bound to his castle, which is both his palace and prison. As the days grow shorter, the Witch King grows more powerful, until finally, on the Winter Solstice, he is strong enough to leave his fortress. Every year he uses his one day of freedom to search the land for something. He has been doing this for centuries and none of the residents of this land know what he is looking for, they simply take shelter when he is free and pray he doesn't find what he seeks. After the Solstice, his power begins to wane again. On the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the Witch King will be weakest and our heroes the strongest

    Since the story really centers around these two opposing sides I feel that each side's stronghold needs a name that reflects the themes of light and darkness, balance, and the cycles of nature. However, I've never named castles before, and I'm completely stuck. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!

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    Awesome story idea! This website ( has some cool name generators. They have a castle name one and elemental names. I got these from the elemental one -

    Flurris (Ice/Snow)

    Lychnus (Light)

    Glace (Ice/Snow)

    Crystal (Ice/Snow)

    Yce (Ice/Snow)

    Luceras (Light)

    Lustris (Light)

    Auris (Light)

    Lumis (Light)

    Melte (Ice/Snow)

    Lux (Light)

    Neige (Ice/Snow)

    Illumine (Light)

    Miseris (Shadow)

    Calamis (Shadow)

    Illume (Light)

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    @sweetasjam Thank you so much!! Your suggestions gave me great inspiration and after chewing it over for a while I'm thinking about Evernoor for the light castle (meaning always light, and also playing on Evergreens the populate northern regions). For the Witch King's castle I was thinking about Karnhold, inspired by the latin root for meat and symbolizing death.

    I'd love to hear any opinions! Do the names give out the right vibes, or should I keep looking? Also, does Karnhold sound too similar to the word carnal?

    Thanks for any feedback

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    I think Evernoor for the light castle is very cool, especially with how the meaning relates to it. Karnhold also seems to fit your dark castle as well and I really like the meaning behind it. When I read it, it didn't make me think of carnal and it still doesn't. Personally, I think both names give out the right vibes for your castles and they definitely work well as fantasy names. I hope that help you out.

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    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you like them

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