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    Boys names revamp

    I would like to revamp my boys list. I currently have more girls names than boys names and I would like to add to my boys list....

    Boy name combos that stays:
    Magnus Roland, Edward Amaury, Ansel Peredur, Edmund Ludwig, Emil Orpheus, Tristan Harley, Maximilian Remy, Dylan Frederick, Gareth Florian and Robin Lysander.

    My full boys list, without combos, minus names I found perfect match for:
    Alaric, Amadeus, Arlo, Arthur, August, Balthazar, Beowulf, Berenger, Bruno, Casimir, Cedric, Charles, Chester, Clarence, Cyprian, David, Dimitri, Dorian, Edgar, Elric, Endymion. Erik, Eugen, Gaspar, Gilbert, Godfrey, Griffin, Gustav, Hart, Hugo, Ivar, Joshua, Killian, Leon, Lewis, Lorenzo, Lucius, Milan, Nestor, Oberon, Oscar, Percy, Petar, Roman, Rufus, Samson, Sigurd, Storm, Sylvan, Theodoric, Theophile, Thierry, Thorin, Trevelyan, Tyr, Wallace, Werther and Wesley.

    Bolded names are ones I definitely wish to see included, either as first or middle. None of these names are misspelled and spelling isn't going to change. You can add your own name suggestions, but I'm looking for combo ideas.
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    ♥Cole, Christian & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Lyra Primrose, Imogen Viola, Cordelia Fae / William Iowa, Magnus Frey, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Beatrice, Imogen, Isabella, Cordelia, Arabella, Hermione, Amelia
    the rest of the girls
    William, Jasper, Gilbert, Horatio, Henry, Magnus, Sebastian, Edgar, Bennett, Morgan
    the rest of the boys

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    What an handsome list! So much fun to pair up. I picked my favourites of the bolded names as firsts and paired them with middle names from your list that I think make wonderful combos.

    Beowulf Oberon
    Beowulf Thierry
    Cedric Gustav
    Endymion Sigurd
    Endymion Hart
    Gaspar Alaric
    Gaspar Bruno
    Gustav Casimir
    Gustav Joshua
    Milan Godfrey
    Milan Elric
    Percy Balthazar
    Samson Beowulf
    Sylvan Theodoric

    One name I’d like to suggest that would be lovely on your list is Sigmund or Zigmund!
    Zenaida Moonglade|Xiamara Tigerlily|Unity Tamarisk|Saffron Meadowlark|Lavender Daystar|Amethyst Lullaby〰️Koa Boreal|Esker Alpenglow|Castiel Sequoia|Creed Evergreen|Bellamy Tamarack|Adriel Otter

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    It's all about Ginevra...
    Ginevra Snow|Ginevra Phoebe|Ginevra Daisy|Ginevra Lily
    Ginevra Pearl|Ginevra Maisie|Ginevra Poet|Ginevra Story
    Ginevra Miriam|Ginevra Cecily|Ginevra Zoe|Ginevra Lilac
    More combos!

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    Toryn Matthew Davis, Vivian James Maxwell, Gunner Dean Hendrix, Kayne Loran Archer, Thayer Jack Hadeon, Ambrose Lucian Hale, Wolfe Bayley Owen, Gaige Michael Tiernan, Jensen Conner Atreyu, Severin Oskar Grey, Castiel Jude Baylor, Sabin Emery Shaw, River Elliot Finn, Aynsley Uriah Shepherd, Jovan Cassidy Pharaoh, Axl Layne Sabbath

    Lakyn Akela Blythe, Willow Genevieve Grace, Olwyn Felicity Jane, Eowyn Isabelle Lark, Aderyn Mabel Rose, Evelyn Arrietty Maeve, Ottilie Evangeline Wren

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