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    Everyone hates our name :-(

    This is my first time posting. My hubby and I found out we are having a boy. I'm excited but I dislike boy names (just being honest). The only real name we have right now is Nolan Thomas Levitte. Thoughts? My parents and close friends hate it.

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    It's a perfectly fine name, and you're his parents, so if you guys love it then that's what really matters. You can always keep looking if what they've said bothers you, but I wouldn't, they'll learn to like the name because they'll love the little boy it's attached to.

    As a tip, if you don't share the name until the baby is born, people are usually much nicer about it!
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    Nolan Thomas is great! It's classic without being boring. Don't let other people deter you from using it.
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    Nolan Levitte is not very appealing. I think it's the L sound.
    You must remember most the time his middle name will not be said.

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    EVERYONE will have an opinion on your baby name. Some will love it and others will not because it’s not their style. This will happen with any name you choose. Usually the first name you come up with isn’t ‘the one’ so keep looking and don’t share any names! Nolan is a great name!
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