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Thread: Vote Please!

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    I do like Marigold Elena quite a bit! I am going to toss it around in my head for a few days!

    I am still incredibly torn between the two, hoping for g/g twins so I can just have both hahaha thanks for the thoughts so far!

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    Phillipa Maple has too many ps for my liking. Would plain Phillipa Mae be an option?

    Marigold Ellen is very pretty.

    And if you wanted everything - Phillipa Marigold Ellen.

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    Oh Philippa Maple for sureeee! Pippa Mae is the cutest NN I think I've ever heard!

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    They are both so good I slightly prefer Pippa.

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    I chose Phillipa Maple. I like the repeating ‘P’ sound, and aside from Pippa Mae, how often would her full name be used? The reason I chose it is because I love the nn Pippa. So cute! I’d say as long as you last name doesn’t have a P sound, go for it!
    I was thinking in response to your question of Marigold aging well that she could use Mari or Mary if she wants later on.

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