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    Favourite Names in the last signature

    What's your favourites of the last person's signature?
    I'd also like to apologize for the post asking what names make you go yuk. I realize it was in poor taste, I just wanted to see if any names I liked would appear, so that I'd know if they shouldn't be used ever. I didn't think how that might have been interpreted by some people.
    Andromeda ~ Iris ~ Wanda ~ Lily ~ Rose ~ Annie ~ Mae ~ Gwen ~ Hana ~ Gaia ~ Nova ~ Aurora ~ Wren ~ Briar ~ Aurelia ~ Aurelie ~ Victoria ~ Luna ~ Amora ~

    Jacen ~ James ~ Theo ~ Teddy ~ Peter ~ Pietro ~ Soren ~ Ezra ~ Cassian ~ Luca ~ Finn ~

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    My favourites of your signature are Lily, Rose, Nova, Aurora, Wren, James, Peter, Soren & Ezra.
    Toryn Matthew Elliot, Vivian James Maxwell, Gunner Dean Hendrix, Kayne Loran Archer, Thayer Axel Hadeon, Ambrose Lucian Hale, Wolfe Bayley Austen, Gaige Michael Tiernan, Jensen Connor Atreyu, Severin Oskar Grey, Castiel Jude Thomas, Sabin Emery Shaw, River Ashley Finn, Dorian Arrow Page, Jovan Cassidy Pharaoh, Owen Layne Benjamin

    Lakyn Akela Blythe, Willow Genevieve Grace, Olwyn Felicity Jane, Eowyn Isabelle Lark, Winter Aracely Rayne, Evelyn Arrietty Maeve, Ottilie Evangeline Wren

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    Solid Loves:
    Seraphina Juliette Audrey | Leon Alexander Gibran | Evangeline Laetitia Odette
    Felix Emmanuel Gavroche | Isabelle Rowena Clare | Magnus Orion Frey | Aurelia Madelief Estelle
    Caspian Atticus Hugo| Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine | Gabriel Peregrine Jack

    Latest Crushes:
    Maeve Angelou | Viola Margery

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    My favourite combos are Isabelle Rowena Clare, Magnus Orion Frey, Marius Voltaire and Cassius Frey.

    Freyja Marigold ○ Zennor Percy Mirren ○ Nuala Ferelith ○ Viva Idony Lore ○ Morven Gwyneira

    Nash Leander ○ Jem Jupiter ○ Mars Thorfinn ○ Ramsay Drake ○ Archer Lorne

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    I like Amara Elodie Thistle and Florian Ives
    In love with...
    Camila Felicity Archibald Jay Veronica Lily
    [Cami] [Archie] [Ronnie]

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