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    Maple as a middle?

    Do you think Maple works as a middle name? It’s a bit too....sappy...and cutesy as a first name for a grown woman, but I think with the right first name it works for a middle.

    Place your votes, I would love to hear some combos with Maple in the middle!

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    I've always thought Maple would make a lovely middle name! It seems made for the middle spot Some combo ideas:

    Cordelia Maple
    Beatrice Maple
    Amalia Maple
    Louisa Maple
    Catherine Maple
    Alice Maple
    Evelyn Maple
    Anna Maple
    Theodora Maple
    Helena Maple
    Victoria Maple
    Georgiana Maple
    Josephine Maple

    I hope you like some of these
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    I think Maple makes for a very sweet middle name.

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    I like it in the middle!

    I’m especially loving it in combination with Louisa, Anna, Alice and Helena, suggested above. Simple, familiar classics seem to work well to balance the sweetness and quirkiness out a bit.

    A variety of suggestions:

    Clara Maple
    Susannah Maple
    Vera Maple
    Ella Maple
    Ida Maple
    Eleanor Maple
    Freya Maple
    Fiona Maple
    Corinna Maple
    Tessa Maple
    Sylvie Maple
    Daphne Maple
    Margot Maple
    Hermione Maple
    Zara Maple
    Beatrix Maple
    Nina Maple
    Vivien Maple
    Lucy Maple
    Celia Maple
    Dorothy Maple
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