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Thread: Arthur

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    What middle names do you like with Arthur? My favorite is usually Arthur James but I find it a bit boring.

    Do you like Arthur Ferdinand? I want something quirky and unexpected!
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    Arthur is one of my favourites, though I always struggle to find the perfect middle as well.

    From your signature, I really like Arthur Ezra.

    Arthur Ferdinand works well too!

    Maybe you'd also like Arthur Julian, Arthur Barnaby, Arthur Elias, or Arthur Graeme.
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    I love Arthur! Arthur Ferdinand is gorgeous, and makes the usually stuffy Ferdinand seem very cool and hip. Some other suggestions:

    Arthur Maxwell
    Arthur Xavier
    Arthur Emilio
    Arthur Julius
    Arthur Bjorn
    Arthur Laszlo
    Arthur Viggo
    Arthur Theodore
    Arthur Otto
    Arthur Zachary
    Arthur Benedict
    Arthur Maximilian

    I hope you like some of these
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    Arthur is fantastic, I'd use it in a heartbeat if it wasn't so popular!

    Arthur Gideon
    Arthur Jeremiah
    Arthur Oleander
    Arthur Zebedee
    Arthur Oberon
    Arthur Wesley
    Arthur Damian
    Arthur Lark
    Arthur Endymion
    Arthur Orion
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