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Thread: Help me decide!

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    Help me decide!

    This deciding a name business is hard! Hubby and I have a top 5 names now and seeking opinions
    Our surname is Henderson.

    1. Gwen or possibly Gwendoline? (was thinking this ending sounds less rhymey with our surname than my favourite ever name Gwendolen?)

    2. Viola (LOVE this, hubby might take a bit of convincing)

    3. Eliza

    4. Vanessa

    5. Nina

    Please share opinions! Also any ideas for middle names welcome. Really wanted to use Josie or Josephine but thinking a one-syllable is probably better for most if not all of these?

    Thank you! x

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    I'd use Eliza Josephine or Nina Gwendolen/line, both beautiful.
    I agree with hubby, I don't like Viola at all.
    Now if you said...Vanessa Viola and wanted to call her Veevee, I guess I could agree to that. ☺
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    I like Eliza Josephine too

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    All names are great but Nina and Vanessa have less sparkle to me.

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    I love the suggestions of Eliza Josephine and Nina Gwendoline/Gwendolen. Both are gorgeous!
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