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    Sep 2017

    Is it really that bad...

    ...If I stick with my all-time favorite name, Emma, even though it's popular now?

    Would you hold on to your favorite name even if it became popular?

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    Mar 2017
    I would hold on to my favorite despite it's popularity. I think what would probably make me let it go is if a family member or close friend were to use it. For me, if I love a name the popularity means next to nothing to me.

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    Go for it. I kinda have personal insight into being named Emma.
    ambrose. arthur. avery. boone. cheyenne. christian. dalton. eddie. finn. gareth. gavin. harlan. harper. henry. holden. jackson. jeremy. jett. john. kit. lachlan. luca. micah. rufus. sailor. spencer. walker. wesley.

    alice. annie. beatrice. billie. bonnie. cecilia. elodie. evangeline. harlow. hattie. iris. jane. judith. layla. marceline. maggie. matilda. ophelia. ramona. rhiannon. rio. ruby. sarah. stevie. tallulah. willa. winnie.

    emma. 18. connoisseur of band tees & naming dogs.

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    I think you should hold onto it despite popularity. When it comes to naming a child maybe you'll use it in a middle spot, but I don't think you should just nix it from your list due to popularity. Keep it.
    I'm not planning to remove Alice or Eliza even though they are definitely on the rise.
    Hufflepuff. PhD Student. Cat Lover.
    Alice Siofra. Eliza Avery. Mira Frances. Cleo Marigold. Rhea Naomi.
    Isaac Ruari. Lucas Avery. Elliot Fergus. Russell William. George Sebastian.

    The guilty pleasures:
    Annabeth Sparrow. Thessaly Rialta. Eira Solstice. Simon Everest. Hugo Prosper. Benedict Quest.

    Names which honour loved ones are in italics.

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    Emma is a gorgeous name. If you love it, go for it.

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