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  • Jack

    51 61.45%
  • Lincoln

    33 39.76%
  • Abbott (nn. Abe)

    20 24.10%
  • Quinton

    21 25.30%
  • Scotty

    10 12.05%
  • Caspian

    37 44.58%
  • Zeke

    16 19.28%
  • Cyprus

    12 14.46%
  • Cassius

    30 36.14%
  • George

    39 46.99%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    We added some more names!

    Hello everyone,

    We have our first baby boy due this May and my husband and I have decided we like two names for sure: Jack and Lincoln. However, we've been steadily adding names to our list, so I would like some opinions. We've vowed not to tell any friends or family our name ideas, so I'd like some feedback from fellow Berries!

    Our last name is quite plain: Hoffman (Something to keep in mind).

    Also, my fav names have long been Henry and Harrison, but my husband has nixed them for first names.... but he said they can be used as middles. So possible combo ideas are welcome as well!

    Thanks for your help!

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    I voted for Jack, Abbott "Abe" and Caspian. I think they're absolutely gorgeous!

    arthur theodore jack [rue] & matilda rose juno [poesy]

    hugo barnaby wilder [wilde] & edmund percival skandar [remy] & caspian asa lupin [kit]
    violet dorothy sibyl [sybbie] & beatrix clemency nala [bette] & alice cordelia sunny [coco]

    james larkspur ۰ claude bedivere ۰ ansel hawthorn
    percival adair ۰ skandar wolf ۰ basil henry ۰ theseus grey
    clemency ladybird ۰ thisbe minerva ۰ ada marigold ۰ cordelia fox
    matilda loveday ۰ nuala honeywild ۰ lilou waterlily ۰ beatrix plum

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    I like:
    Jack - simple, short and sweet
    Caspian - Love this, nice literary connection, plus it sounds full of adventure
    George - like Jack, it's short and sweet, but there's also something quite homely and cosy about George
    Cassius - love this, is it's pn Cass-ee-us, not so wild on Cash-us
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Tristan Felix|Arlo Forrest|Jude Ezra|Everett Isaiah

    Desiree Scarlett|Dillon Azaria|Delyth Harper
    Donovan Lark|Darby Caspar|Dean Balthazar

    More combos!

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    Abbott, Cassius, Cyprus & Jack are my favs.
    If parents decide to choose a name from a certain culture, they must respect that culture and the gender for which the name was historically given

    Elliott Caspian Archibald August Beau Desmond Everest Nils Zephyr
    Bellamy, Felix, Apollo, Aleph, Milo, Grey, Hawthorn, Huckleberry, Peregrine

    Esmée Nell Autumn Olive Maxine Elinor
    Primrose, Charlie, Emerson, Iris

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