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    Honest thoughts on Isabella?

    I know Isabella is a super popular name but I've always loved it- it's looks and sounds gorgeous to me. People tend to stay away from top 10 names even because no one wants to be a "common" or "trendy" name lately, but what are honest thoughts on the name?? If people are going to roll their eyes every time they hear it it's not worth using...

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    I like Isabella. I work with kids and I think I've met two over six years, which isn't really that many, all things considered.
    Isabella is really pretty, frilly and flowing. It's the name of one of my favourite characters (Isabella Linton) and it also has a lot of nicknames which is always nice
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    To be perfectly honest, it's boring. I think it's very feminine and sweet and pretty but still boring. There are three Isabellas at my daughter's preschool and I've met about a dozen more.
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    I do like Isabella. It’s pretty and feminine, but the popularity is way too high for me. I love it as a middle name, it would be so gorgeous and unexpected!
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    I think it's beautiful but I prefer the less frilly Isabel
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