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    What is your current name crush?

    I got obsessed with baby names when I had my daughter nine months ago and apparently having her and naming her didn’t get rid of my addiction so I thought it would be fun for everyone to share their current name crush(es)! Whether it’s one you’ve had on your list for awhile or one you’ve recently fallen in love with.

    Girl: Mila
    Boy: Saban

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    Ooh, Saban is interesting! I like Sabin, I’m a similar vein.

    Today’s crushes for me are Kirrily for a girl and Kirra for a boy. I wouldn’t use either as a first name but I’m loving their upbeat look and rhythm today!
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    I'm really digging Ronan if this baby is a boy, but I'm worried it will be poorly received... I'd say it's quite unexpected in Aus...

    I'm also crushing hard on Aurelia, I've never like her before but now I think she's sooo pretty.
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    I'm crushing on Cornelia for a girl and Ludovic for a boy at the moment. Not sure how long they'll stick around at the top of my list but it's fun to have them there for the time being. The new Star Wars film has also made me really like Rey as a middle for a girl, but I've never been a fan of Ray/Rey before so pretty sure that'll fade.
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    For the longest time I've loved the name Florence (swoon!) and all the nicknames that come along with it. If I ever have a daughter, regardless, her name will be Florence. It has a lovely meaning too.

    For a boy - Henry. Love Love Love this! I've come across a spunky nickname to go with it too and that kinda sealed this name for me!

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