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    Oct 2014

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    Jun 2016
    LN: Gingerich-King

    DH: Calvin Milo
    DW: Rosemary Barbara

    DD: Nancy Lena
    DD/DS: Melody Esther & Eli Johnny
    DS: Mmarvin Glenn
    DD: Cora Ann
    DD: Ruth Susannah
    DD: Maggie Emma
    DS/DS/DS: Merlin Daniel & Ira Matthew & Jason Mose
    DD/DS/DD: Clara Emily & Harley Ernest & Ida Alice

    carrigan ruth, 18, infp, ravenclaw

    orlaith blossom, lilith autumn, allie cosette, lucille maeva, perla dottie

    seamus arthur, pascal titus, caspar viggo, lancelot maxim, darcy remus

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    Dec 2016
    Lost in a Book
    Slytherclaw, Divergent, Lounging in Cabin #13
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Harper, Clover, Lydia, Adelaide, Starla & Maya
    Walker, Keagan, Silas, Logan, Theodore, Tobias & Xavier

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    Sep 2014
    Newark, NY
    DH: Nathan Brian Riehl
    DW: Mary-Alice Barbara Riehl

    DD: Rosanna Carolyn Riehl
    DD/DS: Esther Mary Riehl and Aaron Jesse Riehl
    DS: Marvin John Riehl
    DD: Rachel Cora Riehl
    DD: Sara-Ellen Ruth Riehl
    DD: Edna Georgia Riehl
    DS/DS/DS: Daniel David Riehl, Henry Matthew Riehl, and Brian Jason Riehl
    DD/DS/DD: Leanna Emily Riehl, Mark Ernest Riehl, and Ida Sharon Riehl

    * Nathan & Mary-Alice with Rosanna, Esther, Aaron, Marvin, Rachel, Sara-Ellen, Edna, Daniel, Henry, Brian, Leanna, Mark, and Ida *
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    Oct 2015
    LN: Miller
    DH: Milo Calvin
    DW: Kara Rosemary
    DD: Elsie Lena
    DD/DS: Mary Esther and Sam Aaron (Mitzi)
    DS: John Emery (Jack)
    DD: Cora Hannah
    DD: Rosie Ruth
    DD: Georgia Laura (Georgie)
    DS/DS/DS: David Daniel and Henry Matthew and Brian Jason
    DD/DS/DD: Clara Emily and Adrian Lee and Alice Ida

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