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  • Thomas Caleb Grey

    15 31.91%
  • Thomas Evan Grey

    15 31.91%
  • Thomas Noah Grey

    16 34.04%
  • Your back-ups are better! (Tell me which ones in the comments! :P)

    1 2.13%
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    Which Thomas combo do you prefer?

    I've struggled to come up with a Thomas combo for a long while, but I finally came up with three options I really love! Which do you prefer? Evan and Grey are family names.

    (I also have toyed with Thomas Brynjar Grey, Thomas Aslan Grey, and Thomas Oslo Grey, but the other three are a bit closer to the feel I was going for with my Thomas combo. I might be convinced to reconsider these, though, with the right argument. :P)

    Thanks, Berries!
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    I love all three but Thomas Caleb Grey is my favourite
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    I voted for Thomas Noah Grey, however, I also love Thomas Oslo Grey from your back-ups but that might be because of my personal connections with the City in Norway and so maybe a tiny bit biased! Either way, those two are both lovely names
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    Thomas Noah Grey is adorable!
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    I voted Thomas Noah Gray, but I really love Thomas Oslo Gray!

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