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    Red face Real baby needs a name!

    I have been a name lover for as long as I can remember, and have collected huge lists of favorites. Over the years I've created many imaginary combos and sibsets, but recently I found out I'm actually expecting. A real live human baby. Which is making me reevaluate every name on my list and as it turns out, I don't really LOVE anything. It's so much easier to love a name for an imaginary person than it is for a real one!

    I'd love if you could suggest me some of your favorites. I have no idea what gender baby is yet (So far my gut says girl, but I haven't found out so looking for boy suggestions too, just in case) My style is pretty all over the place so any suggestion is welcome! I also have a similar post in the girls thread for those who want to give me some girl names!

    A few boys names I like -

    Maxim - I love Max and this is my favorite way to get there
    Viggo - Probably not real-life usable but one of my favorites

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    [AUGUST '18]

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    I think you have great name taste and I love all of your suggestions, even Viggo! It sounds to me like you like Irish/Scottish names, or slightly Germanic/Scandinavian names - classics with a twist. Sounds like maybe you'd like a classic name paired with something more unusual as a middle, or vice versa, or something unusual that can be shortened to something 'familiar'.

    I spotted Kit in your signature - I know a little kid called Kit Alexander and it is such a lovely name for a handsome little boy.

    I also love Max, and know a German guy called Maxim and it's such a cool name that really suits him. I also know a Maximilian (an adult) which is a pretty heavy weight name, he goes by Max.

    Maxim Thomas
    Ira Henry
    Asa Willem
    Soren James
    Rory Samson
    Keir Henry
    Theodore (I actually love Theodora for a girl, Teddy or Thea for short)
    Isaac Thomas
    Reuben Thomas
    Solomon John
    Tobias Farrell

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    I like Henry or Sage, very different options!

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    You have great taste! Samson is a long time fav of mine.

    I agree that naming your real baby is harder than just having dozens of favorite names. I have an expansive excel sheet of names and name combos that I love... but naming this 3rd baby is proving to be more difficult than the first two! I think because I know I'll never name another baby again after this?

    Anyhow-- other suggestion based on what you've got:

    Linus Matthew 2010
    Betsy Lucille 2013
    Oscar Fox 2018

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    J. M. (2015) + K. V. (2017) ♂
    ?? (Feb 2019)

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