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    Jul 2016
    All sorts of things haha!

    Hugo is mostly Hugh, but also Hughie, Dewie and Louie

    Larkspur is exclusively Lark

    Jasper is Jass, Jay, Pep or Pepper

    Theodora is 99% Theda or Theda Bear, Empress Theodora or sometimes Theda the Vamp when she's being particularly moody.

    Maria is a mix of Masha, Mia, Marigold (her middle name) and Goldie.

    Rupert is Rue, RuRu, Rufus, Hubert, Pertie or Rupee.
    hugo vincent - larkspur cynthia - jasper wyatt
    theda rosemary - maria marigold - rupert willow
    & wilhelmina tulip

    philomena tulip - chrysanthemum clara - gardenia cleo
    zenobia blossom - octavia tigerlily - agnes periwinkle
    aurelia dandelion - poppy philomena - sylvie nightingale

    "in the end we'll all become stories"
    - margaret atwood

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    York, England
    Adèle gets Della or Del. My husband calls her AJ sometimes.

    Léo is usually Léo, but he gets Bam (from Bastien) and O occasionally.
    Adèle Josephine [15th June 2010] + Léo Bastien [3rd October 2014] + TTC #3

    Possible Future littles:
    Rémi/Rémy/Remy, Nicolas, Olivier, Sacha, Henry, Frédéric, Jacques, Gabriel, Julian, Valentin, Émile
    Cécile, Solène, Amélie, Camille, Evelyne, Mathilde, Inès, Léonie, Alice, Eloise

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    My kids don't have nicknames from their names, but Audrey is "monkey" and Ezra is "mister".
    Mommy to Audrey Jeanine and Ezra Marvin

    Amabel Dove ~ Eliza Claire ~ Evangeline Pearl ~ Flora Mae ~ Lucy Deborah ~Violet Lenore

    Arthur Everett ~ Gideon Arlo ~ Holden Ragnar~ Jasper Lee ~ Milo Sterling ~ Oscar Peregrine

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    No kids here, but my nephew Noah gets Noah bear, and my niece Isabella gets Bella, Bella bug, Bella boo, Isabella Rockefeller and numerous other rhymey nicknames. She was Babybel when she was a newborn.

    Their daddy calls them both Winston and Quinton interchangeably to the annoyance of my sister.

    Hoping for baby number one.
    Evie* Rose & Abel John

    *Short for either Evangeline or Evelyn

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