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    What do you nickname your kids?

    I think family nicknames are adorable and since having Tabitha we have some really cute nickname for her.

    We call her Tibby, Tibs and Tabby based on her name but we also call her Dandelion or Dandy because my husband thinks she looks like a dandelion clock because of her fuzzy white blond hair which has really stuck.

    So what do you call your little ones?
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    Dandelion is so cute! We're horrible with nicknames - I love them. I'm surprised my daughter ever learned her real name.

    RoRo and Rosie are her most common nicknames, but I also call her plain Ro a lot. She's started calling herself Rosie Posy, I'm not sure how she learned it. I also call her Rosie Rufus, which sometimes gets shortened to Rufus, which sometimes gets shortened to Roo or RooRoo. My husband calls her "Chicken Dinner," "Chicken Wing," and "Sweet Pea." I don't know how any of those started but they stuck.

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    Dandelion is absolutely adorable!
    I have a Cornelia and we call her Nelly or Nellster because she can be such a little monster when she's sulky. She went through a phase of calling herself Coco but thanks goodness it didn't last long. My husband sometimes calls her Sunny or Munchkin, and my mum calls her Nelya because it's the traditional Russian nickname for Cornelia.
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    My daughter is Maggie and she usually gets called Magpie or Maggie Moo
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    Emiliana is Emi, Emu, Emi Pari, Totoro, Xiao Tong 小曈 and Jujubee.

    Caspian so far is Cass, Ian, Xiao Qi 小祺,Kanta, and Googley Bear.

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