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    My kids have what I consider their "official" nicknames (Liam, Cate, Vera, and Axel), but they each have a bunch of non-official nicknames and pet names, too.

    William - Liam, Will, Wills, LeeLee, Billy-boo, Mr. Willoughby
    Catherine - Cate, Cato, Kasia, RinRin, Rini, Kitty, Kit-Kat, Cate the Great
    Veronica - Vera, Nico, VeeVee, VeraSera, Angelface
    Alexander - Axel, Alex, Xander, Sasha, Olek, XanXan

    Probably some more I'm forgetting, but those are probably the most used!
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    Most of the family call Sebastian "Seb" or "Sebby" but me and DH call him "Bash".

    I'd always liked the name Sebastian but I started watching Reign when I was pregnant and fell in love with it even more. The other characters call him Bash and I thought it was such a cute nickname, it was kind of the deciding factor for us.

    You guys have some really cute nicknames!
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    Oh goodness, I seem to come up with something different every day, because I am amazed at the amount of sass and spunkiness this adorable little human can produce. The tried-and-trues include...

    Miss Snottitude
    Rosy Cheeks
    Little Miss Sunshine
    Bubba Boo
    Evabell (after Tinkerbell, of course...yes, we have entered the fairy stage)
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    Loooooove nicknames. Most of the time Alaska is Laska-Bean and James is Jamie-Bear, but sometimes we just call them Lasky and Jamie, or Bean and Bear. DH has his own name for Alaska (the ultimate daddy’s girl, could not be less bothered with me), which is Lake/Lakey, but I’m not entirely sure where that originated from. Sure is cute though
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