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    I call my girl Peanut for the most part, but we did think of Little Moon as a cute nickname (after her middle name and that's the Chinese name we are going with for her as well for my Chinese relatives). However, I hardly use it in real life. I use it more so online and when writing about her, haha!
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    Leonora is mainly called Nora, but some family call her Leo. She also gets Lenny from a few friends.
    We also call her Ginge thanks to her red curls, but my favourite is NooNoo. Pretty surprised she even know a her real name!
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    My long suffering daughter has so many, and most of them are shockingly embarrassing. Her official nickname, I guess, is Anna, but she's got a whole host of pet names at home.

    Family call her Bree, Bugs, and Buggle. I'll occasionally call her Bugs, but not often. My sister, additionally calls her Boog and Squash. (I call her daughter Squish.. so together they are Squish and Squash, haha). My brother calls her Breebugs. My mother, like every grandmother ever, dotes on her and calls her "Nana's Little Angel".... and she is an angel for her Nana... just her Nana though.

    I'm the worst offender, these are the ones I know I've used recently:

    Panda Pants
    Fickle Pickle
    Danger Mouse
    Shark Tooth Ooh Ha Ha (she had new teeth growing in behind baby ones and the dentist called them "shark teeth", and I love Nemo)
    Lemon Cake
    Sweet Potato
    Pocket Rocket
    Anna Banana
    Brianna Katy-Rosebug
    Buggle Bear
    Kitty Katherine
    Isabel (after the poem The Adventures of Isabel by Ogden Nash)

    And my favourite, Sweet Ferret.

    She thinks its funny now, but I'm pretty sure she'll pack her bags and move out the first time I call her Sweet Ferret when she's a teenager.
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    We have Gabriel that goes by Gabe. He's also so laid back that he's been called The Dude since he was born (he's 8 now). He is also called Curly by his great-grandfather. (He has frosty blonde curls.)

    Emrys is nicknamed Remy. We also call him Rem and Rem-Roo. Great grandpa calls him Rowdy.
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    Valentina was nicknamed Nina since birth, but she decided that she was going to be nicknamed Vali (lol). I call her Vali-boo or Vali-bug most of the time but we do get random at times:
    Twinnie (when we dress alike)
    Tinnie (from Tina)
    And so on...

    For now the boys have been Iago (Thiago) and Lander (Leandro) for our family, but at home when we want to refer to them both they are Theo & Leo (it's quite fun that way). They also get Teetee and Leelee by Vali.
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